Name of the inventors of Microsoft Excel?

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The first computerised spreadsheet was launched by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston in 1979. It was called Visicalc. Microsoft were just one of several companies to bring out their own spreadsheet programs after that. Excel was first launched in 1985, but Microsoft had other ones before that, like Multiplan.
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What is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating numbers and data. It's an amazingly flexible program to find answers to logic based questions. It is a program that can compile lots of data into graphs and tables. Microsoft excel is used to study ( Full Answer )

Differentiate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Excel is primarily a spreadsheet program for making sense out of numbers. Microsoft Word is primarily a program for writing documents with text and pictures. Depending on the size and type of the document, both programs can theoretically be used for each others' purposes.

Why Microsoft Access better them Microsoft Excel?

It isn't necessarily better than Microsoft Excel. It depends on what you want to do. Both Excel and Access are capable of doing a lot of things that the other can do. If you want to do a lot of databasing things, while you can do them in Excel, Access is better for it. If you are doing a lot of calc ( Full Answer )

What is the name box in Microsoft Excel?

The name box shows the address of the current cell selected or the name of that cell if a special name has been given to it. It can also show the name of a range. You can type in a cell reference or a range name in the name box and it will bring you to that location. The name box appears to the left ( Full Answer )

How are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word the same?

They are not the same. Excel is a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate and store data. Word is a program for writing documents such as letters.However, these two programs do have a number of similarities, for example the majority of Microsoft programs have a very similar toolbar area and contro ( Full Answer )

Are Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access interchangeable?

Each primarily have their own purposes: Word for Word Processing, Excel for Spreadsheets and Access for Databases. Whichever of those 3 things you want to do will determine which application is best for the job. However, in each case a lot of what you would do with the primary application can be don ( Full Answer )

Can Microsoft Word be imported into Microsoft Excel?

If you are just talking about importing text then yes. On Microsoft Word you just highlight you text then copy it or (ctrl c) then you go to Microsoft Excel and paste it or (ctrl v). If that doesn't answer the question be more specific because that is how I interpreted your question.

How do you name rows in Microsoft Excel?

>>>>>>>> You cannot name rows as such. Each row is identified by a number. You could put a label in the cell at the start of each row to help you identify it. You can also select the cells that you want to apply a name to and then using the Insert menu, go to Name and then Define. If you select th ( Full Answer )

Microsoft Excel files saved in what file name extension?

It will depend on the specific type of file and version of Excel. The standard spreadsheet uses xls for versions up to 2003 and xlsx from version 2007. You can also have other types of files, like Excel template files, which would be xlt, or xlm for Excel macro files. There are several other types t ( Full Answer )

How can you save a Microsoft Excel to a CD?

This question is not clear, so I will present two answers: Entire Excel program - Copy the original CD to another CD. There is no reasonable way to copy the installed files from your computer to a CD. Individual Excel workbook files - Copy the file the same way you would copy any other file. Use w ( Full Answer )

What is a Formatting toolbar in Microsoft Excel?

It is a toolbar that has the icons that provide the various formatting settings for cells, columns, rows and data in Excel. For example, it can allow you to change the colours of rows, cells and columns. It allows you to change fonts. It allows you to set the alignment for data in cells. It allows y ( Full Answer )

What kind of calculation are in Microsoft Excel?

You can do just about any type of calculation you want in Excel.That is what it is for. It can do all standard calculations likeaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but also a lotmore. There are many specialised built-in functions for a widerange of things, far too many to list. A spr ( Full Answer )

What is a cell coordinate in Microsoft Excel?

The co-ordinate of a cell is given by its column and row. So its column is a coordinate and its row is a coordinate. So the cell in column D, row 15 has the address D15, with the coordinates D and 15.

What is the step function of Microsoft Excel?

There is no step function in Excel. However, you can use excel to create a Step Function Chart. See related links for a video to explain the process.

How do you create filters in Microsoft Excel?

Excel 2007: . Highlight the range you want to filter, but whatever method you choose. . From the Menu ribbon, click on the Data Tab. . In the Sort & Filter section, click on the Filter icon.

What can you create using Microsoft Excel?

At the simplest, the answer is spreadsheets. Being more specialised you can say lots of things like budgets, tables, charts, accounts and just about anything to do with working with numbers.

What are the differences between a formula bar and a named box in Microsoft Excel?

The name box and the formula bar are on the same row, located immediately above the worksheet screen. The first portion of the row, on the left side is the name box, which displays the name of the active cell (either cell address or cell name). The second section of the row is the formula bar, which ( Full Answer )

What are smart icons in Microsoft Excel?

They show up occasionally when you perform certain functions, such as creating forms. When you click on the icon down arrow you see options in a pop-up list.

What can you import from Microsoft Excel 2007?

It depends on where you are exporting to if you are tyring to import from Excel. Generally, you can import Excel data to many applications, but the target application will determine what will transfer from Excel and how the data will disply in the target application.

Tell you about Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. It allows you to organize and manipulate numbers, performing calculations on the numbers.

How can Microsoft Excel benefit your career?

It depends on your career, but knowing how to use Excel can benefit most careers. See related questions for some ways you can use Excel. Read through some of the different suggestions and see how some of the ideas may help you do your job. Almost any useful skill can benefit you in your career advan ( Full Answer )

How do you get on Microsoft Excel?

If you have already bought and downloaded the Microsoft Office tools, you access them by clicking 'Start' in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then scrolling through the programs list until you see 'Microsoft Office'. When you scroll over it, a drop down list will appear. Click 'Microsoft ( Full Answer )

What can Microsoft Excel do to you?

It allows you to create balance sheets, enter the data needed to calculate taxes, list people's names, and dates for organization, and a lot more.

What is the use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Word is meant for word processing, meaning to type words. Microsoft Word provides best quality and ease of use. Microsoft Excel is meant to calculate equations or to graph information so that it is easily accessible.

Who is the inventor of Microsoft office?

Actually, the Apple Company was the first to create Microsoft office. Later, other computer companies put in a bit of their system into it and made it what we have today.

How do you transfer names and phone numbers in bulk to Microsoft Excel?

That will depend on what way they are currently stored. If they are stored in a structured format, then it can be done. Saying how to specifically do it will depend on what way they are currently stored so it is not possible to give a specific answer. Bascially though, if they are properly structure ( Full Answer )

What is the extension name used for Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint?

Up to version 2003 Word was .doc, Excel was .xls and Powerpoint was .ppt but that change when 2007 came along. An x was added to each one so Word is .docx, Excel is .xlsx and Powerpoint is .pptx now. Up to version 2003 Word was .doc, Excel was .xls and Powerpoint was .ppt but that change when 2007 ( Full Answer )

How do you include names for data in a bar graph using Microsoft Excel 2007?

When creating the chart, select the headings with the data and they will automatically be included. If you've already created the chart, go to the Select Data option and you can give each series a name and have a legend on the chart which will identify each bar. When creating the chart, select the ( Full Answer )

How do you select a Range in using the name box in Microsoft Excel?

You can type the range you want to select in the standard fashion,with two cell references separated by a colon. So you could typeA2:C7 into the Name box and it will select that range. If you havea named range in your worksheet, you can type that name into theName box and it will select it. You can ( Full Answer )

Where is the name of a Microsoft Excel worksheet displayed?

On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Sheet tab a ( Full Answer )

What is easy Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word would be easier to use and Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and can do a whole range of complex things. Some things are very simple to do in it, but overall it is more powerful and more difficult to do the more complex things in. Microsoft Word has some complicated things in it, but i ( Full Answer )

What is the name of individual box in Microsoft Excel 2007?

Each individual box on a worksheet in Excel is a cell. Each cell has an address consisting of the column and row identifiers. So cell B34 is the cell in column B and row 34. Each individual box on a worksheet in Excel is a cell. Each cell has an address consisting of the column and row identifiers. ( Full Answer )

Can I copy Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel?

You can copy data from Acess to Excel. Select your data and then doa copy. Go to Excel and do a paste. You can also export it so thatit can be opened by Excel. You can also set up links so that ifdata is updated in one, it is updated in the other too. So the twoapplications can work together and dat ( Full Answer )

Who is the inventor of Microsoft computer?

Nobody invented Microsoft computer. Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed Microsoft software and they approached IBM to help them establish their place in the computer world. Therefore, the software they developed were used in IBM computers.

What is the difference between Microsoft Excel and regular Microsoft excel?

Um, I beleive they are the same. They are both regular MicrosoftExcel. I have both a mac and a pc and I have Microsoft Office(including Microsoft Excel) 2011 on both of them. And they seem tobe the same, I watched tutorials online for school (I am a highschool student so I do most of my asignments o ( Full Answer )