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Abraham Lincoln, Lance Armstrong, Barack Obama, Kyle W

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What are three things Joseph Stalin is famous for?

he was a dicktator of many brave men and women in the soviet union

What does the name Devlin mean?

fat ugly disgusting men! It also means brave or fierce in Gaelic

What is the definitions for courageous?

When you are brave. The fire men were brave when they went into the fire to save the man.

Why did brave men fight in the US Civil War?

Because they were brave enough to do it. boobs

What are the ratings and certificates for Three Brave Men - 1956?

Three Brave Men - 1956 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S Sweden:Btl

What were some of Shaka Zulu's personality trates?

He was a very brave men but lost his temper very quickly

Why was John Paul Jones brave?

he was brave because he was a brave captain he lead his crew through winds and storms. He was brave also because he has killed a man. In fact one of his men. One of his men tried to kill him so he stabbed him in the back with his sword.

Which boys name made famous by a powerful emperor which means 'defender of men'?

Alexander means 'defender of men'. It was made famous by Alexander the Great.

Do men like to cut women's hair?

Yes. Some of the most famous stylists are men.

Who are some famous Brazilian men?

Madonna's new boyfriend :)

Who are some famous men of the 19Th century?

Louis Pasteur - Famous for creating vaccines and pasteurization.

What are the release dates for The Big Picture - 1953 Wherever Brave Men Fight?

The Big Picture - 1953 Wherever Brave Men Fight was released on: USA: 1963

Who are some famous men with the name Samuel?

A famous actor named Samuel Jackson has starred in films such as Pulp Fiction. Samuel Clemens was also known as one of americas most beloved authors and went by the name Mark Twain.

What do you do at the Alamo?

You visit a historical site where brave men died.

What are the names of some famous surfers?

well Bruce Irons and and Andy irons were 2 famous men surfers

What are some of John Steinbecks famous works?

his two most famous works are The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men.

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