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John Glenn Neil Armstrong Amelia Earhart Orvil Redenbacher Glenn Robinson Drew Brees Jim Everett Rod Woodson Bob Griese Mike Alstott

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Q: Name some famous people who went to Purdue University?
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What is the name of the Purdue University sports teams?


What is name of the most famous Purdue university graduate in this years super bowl?

Fame is subjective, but the question is probably referring to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who graduated from Purdue in 2001.

2 universities in Indiana without Indiana in their name?

Purdue University

What exactly is an Owl Perdue?

There is no such bird as a perdue owl. The only entity with this name is Purdue University's Online Writing Lab which is sometimes abbreviated to Purdue OWL. So, the reason for this name is nothing but misunderstanding.

Where did Neil Armstrong go to school when he was a child?

Neil Armstrong went to school at Purdue University, the University of Southern California, and he taught at the University of Cincinnati.

What is the pudue basketball arena name?

I think you're looking for Purdue University's arena. It's called Mackey Arena.

What is the name of the famous university in south Africa?

university of witwatersr

What is the name of the famous university of Paris?

The old University of "La Sorbonne"

What is the name of the famous African university that is located in south Africa?

Wits university

Did any famous people go to University of Kentucky?

Yes there are many famous people who attended the University of Kentucky. To name a few: Pat Riley, William Lipscomb, Brandon Webb, Jamal Mashburn, John Wall, Mark Berger, Robert A. Bryan.

What is breannas full name?

breanna purdue

Name three famous people that went to pepperdine university?

Angeling Jolie, Bob Lemmons, Christina Perri