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Energy from the sun provides a large part of the earth's energy use, the other part coming from internal thermal energy. Sunlight makes vegetation grow through photosynthesis. It drives the earth's weather patterns through absorption of infrared energy. It can also generate electricity directly using photovoltaic panels.

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Q: Name some processes driven by energy from the sun?
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Name 2 processes that need oxygen?

Respiration (breathing) and combustion (fire). Both processes combine oxygen and some form of fuel to produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy.

Does you body emit energy?

Yes, some tiny amount of energy as a consequence of electrochemical neural processes, but mostly infrared heat energy.

The processes off photosynthesis and cellular respiration are complementary During these energy conversions some energy is?

Lost in the form of heat.

What are three processes that require a cell to expend energy?

kutha sala. some one answer it!!

How do the different parts of the water cycle fit togehter?

They are all driven by energy, mainly form the Sun but also to some extent geothermal energy.

Why are sun and water energy for water waves?

They aren't. The Sun provides energy for water waves (and, indeed, for most processes on Earth), but water is only an intermediate storage of energy, in some cases.

Describe some sources of energy and name?

God created energy.

During respiration some energy is realeased as?

Some energy is released as heat.Actually it is about 60%

What are some good examples of energy conversions?

When you turn on a light bulb, electric energy is converted into light and heat. The energy stored in food fuels the body heat and the body's chemical processes.

Which energy doesn't need the sun's energy?

every energy requires the suns energy the sun is the ultimate source of energy for everything -O-A2. Nuclear energy does not depend on the sun, nor does geothermal energy from the earth's core. Tidal energy is largely driven by the moon but the sun also has some effect.

Why is there less energy available to the fox than the rabbit in the grass rabbit fox food chain?

organisms use some of the energy for life processes

What happens to ATP in order for the cell to gain energy to use?

Respiration releases free energy by oxidizing sugars or other organic substrates therefore creating some energy into ATP which is then used to provide energy to power most life processes.