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The nephrons are where the filtration process occurs. If you want a more complex answer, ask about the process itself.

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What is unit excretory structure of the kidney?


What is the kidney major excretory organ?

Why is the kidney the major excretory organs?

What is a kidney function?

Kidney is the nitriginous excretory organ

What are excretory organ and their excretory products?

skin, lung, kidney

What are the common excretory diseases?

the answer is kidney desease, kidney failure.

What system is the kidney in?

The Excretory System :)

What is the excretory organ of a clam?

the kidney

Why is kidney failure the common excretory disease?

Because the kidneys are a part of excretory

What is the main organ of the excretory system 5th grade answer?

The main organ in the excretory system is the kidney. The kidney is the main organ that controls the excretory systems for vertebrates. It is also part of the Urinary system which is part of the excretory system.

Why is the kidney the major excretory organ?

that is why kidney is the major excretory organ because without this organ we can't live for boys and kidney has to many important function to our urinary system.

What are the excretory organs of the human body?

the main excretory organs in our body are skin and the kidney

List some diseases of the excretory system?

the common excretory diseases is kidney diseases.

What are the disease of excretory system?

kidney stones

What is the main excretory organ in fish?


What are the ailments of the excretory system?

kidney deases

What are the ailments of excretory system?

kidney stone

What organs are in the excretory system?

kidney, bladder

Which system does the kidney belong to?

The excretory system

What is the major excretory organ of the body?


What is excretory product in human being?


What is the main excretory organ in the mammal?


What is known as the excretory units of kidney?


What is the largest excretory organ?


Name the structural and functional unit of the kidney?


The name of an organelle and the name of a system in the human body that have similar functions?

Organelle: Kidney Human body system: Excretory system

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