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the first one is Lead (II) Chloride.. :)

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Q: Name this binary ionic compounds PbCl2 andPbCl4?
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Binary ionic compounds are called salts?

yes, but not all salts are binary ionic compounds

What are the two types of binary compounds?

Type 1 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation has only one form, or charge. Type 2 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation can have multiple forms.

Do binary ionic compounds have bonds that share two valence electrons?

No. Ionic compounds are held together by ionic bonds.

What are the compounds of binary ionic compounds?

Aluminum chlorideIron (lll) oxide

What are binary ionic compounds?

Metals and nonmetal ions, Compounds with very different electronegativities

Are binary ionic compounds also called metals?


In naming a binary ionic compound the name of the appears first followed by the name of the?

Binary ionic compounds are named by writing the name of the action, followed by the name of the anion. Potassium bromide is an example of an ionic compound.

An ionic compound is made of a nonmetal and a metal true or false?

It is true of binary ionic compounds but not necessarily of compounds containing polyatomic ions.

What are the rules in writing binary ionic compounds?

Cross drop reduce

How do you distinguish between the formulas of binary ionic and binary molecular compounds?

Binary ionic compounds have 2 elements, the element on the left (cation) should be a metal (left side of the zig zag line), and the other element on the right should be nonmetal (right side of the zig zag line)Binary molecular compounds have 2 NON METAL elements

What is the difference between a binary ionic compound and a teranry ionic compound?

No. Not all binary compounds are ionic and not all ionic compounds are binary. An ionic compound is a compound formed by the exchange rather than the sharing of electrons. A binary compound is any compound of exactly 2 elements. Examples: Sodium chloride (NaCl, compound sodium and chlorine) is both binary and ionic. Potassium hydroxide (KOH, compound of potassium, hydrogen, and oxygen) is ionic but not binary. Water (H2O, compound of hydrogen and oxygen) is binary, but covalent, not ionic.

True or false binary ionic compounds consist of two metal elements?