Name three devices that might connect to a usb port on a computer?


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name three devices that might connect to a usb port on a computer?

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Mouse, keyboard and an external hard drive.

Three main components of a computer are CPU, Input Devices & Output Devices.

A mouse, a keyboard and a microphone are three typical computer input devices.

Input devices output devices central processing unit

The three parts of a computer that receive input devices are the mouse, the keyboard and a microphone are all input devices. The parts of a computer that are output devices would be printer, monitor and modem.

Input devices are devices that you plug into your computer to send it commands. A mouse, keyboard, and disc drive are all input devices.

There are several ways to connect a television screen to a computer. The three most common interfaces that allow this are HDMI, DVI and VGA.

Computer hardware is often delineated into three categories according to their function.Input - Devices which the user uses to enter data into the computerOutput - Devices which the user uses to retrieve data from the computerStorage - Devices which the computer uses to store data

Three components for the computer 1) Ram 2) process 3) CD ROM

routers, switches, internal modem, external modem, hub, etc..,

Devices you plug into three computer to interact with the computer. I.e. mouse, keyboard, monitor, speaker, microphone etc...

It would be input devices (keyboard, mouse), output devices (monitor, printer), and processing devices (CPU). You could also include storage devices, and they typically are both input and output devices.

when troubleshooting a computer, why might you have to enter BIOS setup? List three reasons

To share files; to share resources such as printers or DVD drives; to connect each computer to the Internet; to share messages with one another.

Mother board , Ram and CPU are the 3 processing hardware devices of the computer. CPU is the main thing in all the three.

Load or reload the drivers for the device. Determine if it is formatted properly for your computer. Check to see if it works in another computer and connect any other device to the USB port (the one that the drive doesn't work in) to see if the port is good.

usb flash drive portable hard drive RAM

The three groups are Input devices, Output devices, and Processor. Input - A device that the user enters data to the computer. Output - A device that shows data to the user Processor - A computer component that is the "Brain" of the computer. It does the thinking for the computer at lighting fast speeds.

What are the three common output devices

It's quite easy really, all you need is a GameCube, GameCube to GameBoy cable, GameBoy Advance (or sp), and a television/computer monitor. First you connect your GameCube to the television with the colored cable things. Then you attach the GameBoy and GameCube to the link cable. Then power on all three devices and enjoy!

Electronic cash-tills, bar-code scanners, networked computer systems, are three common input devices used in supermarkets.

Peripheral hardware. There are many different peripheral devices, but they fall into three general categories: Input devices, such as a mouse and a keyboard. Output devices, such as a monitor and a printer. Storage devices, such as a hard drive or flash drive.

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