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There are at least three carbon allotropes: Carbon black (amorphous), graphyte (gray lubricating solid) and diamond (rare and hardest crystal).

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What are 2 allotropes of carbon?

The two best known allotropes of carbon are diamond and graphite.

Name three different allotropes of carbon?

The three different allotropes of carbon are: -Diamond-Graphite-Buckminsterfullerene

Graphite and diamonds are two of your allotropes?

Graphite and diamonds are two allotropes of carbon. Both are pure carbon, but in a different crystal form.

What is the name of the fourth carbon allotropes?

carbon black N330

Three allotropes of carbon?

Three allotropes of carbon are graphite, diamond, and amorphous carbon. Refer to the Related Links to see an article identifying eight allotropes of carbon.

Name three allotropes of carbon?

diamond, graphite, fullerene

Different forms of carbon?

the two allotropes* of carbon {C(s)} are graphite and diamond

What element is name of diamond and graphite?

Both diamonds and graphite are allotropes of carbon.

Which element has the most number of allotropes?

Carbon has many allotropes. The system of carbon allotropes spans an astounding range. Source: Wikipedia

What are two allotropes of carbon?

graphite, diamond, coal, coke, fullerene

Compare and contrast the allotropes of carbon?

There are Main two types of allotropes of carbon Crystalline and amorphopus Amrphous include wood, carbon, charcoal.kajol,Crystalline form include Diamon, grayphite and bucky ball

Define allotrophy and names the allotropes of carbon?

Allotrophy is the existence of two or more different physical forms of a chemical element. Soot, Diamond, and Charcoal are all allotropes of carbon.

What are 3 allotropes of carbon?

the 3 allotropes of carbon are: 1.diamond 2.graphite 3.buckfullerence

Name three types of orbital hybridzation that occur between two carbon atoms giving rise to the different spatial distributions of atoms around a carbon atom?

either allotropes, isotopes, nanotubes or polymers either allotropes, isotopes, nanotubes or polymers

What are different forms of the same element?

They are known as allotropes, for example, the allotropes of carbon are graphite and diamond.

Are diamonds and graphite both allotropes?

Yes, both are allotropes of carbon.

What are the two allotropes of oxygen?

By name, the two allotropes of oxygen are molecular oxygen (or dioxygen) and ozone. By formula, they are O2 and O3.

Are two isotopes of carbon both carbon 12 and carbon 14?

Yes Carbon 12, Carbon 13 and Carbon 14 are isotopes of carbon. Diamond and graphite are allotropes.

Is Charcoal Allotropes of carbon?

yes ,it is an allotrope of carbon.

What are the four allotropes of carbon?

There are nine, possibly more, allotropes of carbon! Diamond, graphite, graphene and amorphous carbon are probably the four common ones.

Diamonds and graphite are what of carbon?


Carbon can form many?

Carbon can form many allotropes.

Diamond and graphite are of carbon?

Diamond and graphite are allotropes of carbon.

What is the chemical name of diamond?

Carbon. Diamond is one of the forms of elemental carbon, these are called allotropes, the most common allotrope is graphite.

Diamond and graphite are allotropes of what element?


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