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well jhon Harrisburg and judie lang those are the only ones i know right now!

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Q: Names all famous black people from 1930?
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Who were some famous people in 1930?

m. Jackson

What was the treatment of black people in the 1930's?

Bad :)

How black people where treated in 1930?

Because dey where bruv

What were some Famous people in 1930-1940?

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) and Elvis Presly (1935-1977)

How were black people treated in court in 1930?

black people were treated as a lesser race and treated unfairly and acused of crime but they were inocent.

What famous people purchased Adrian Gilbert clothes during Great Depression?

What famous people purchased Adrian Gilbert clothes in 1930-39?

What did black people eat in the 1930's?

they ate corn bread

How are constellations named?

constellations were named after names of gods or goddess . They were also named after famous heros. They were named during the 1930's

Why couldn't black people vote during the 1930's?

cos of segregation

Who was a famous basketball player in 1910-1930?

Micheal jordan

Where can you find information on how black people were treated in the 1930's?

Go on to google and type in, How black peole were treated in the 30's

Was Duke Ellington famous in the 1930's?

Yes he was famous then, he was famous in 1926-1974.

American night men in the 1930's?

they are the ones that kill or burn down houses from black people

What was it like growing up in the South during the 1930s?

Life in the 1930's were tough for both black and white people. Mainly black people though, that was when they went through the great depression...

What was segregation like in America in 1930?

It was based on race. It made life very difficult for black people as everything in society favoured white people. question r u black or white

Was Amelia Earhear famous in the 1930s?

Yes, Amelia was famous in the 1930's .

Who are the top Hollywood Icon in 1930?

Need to know about famous star and Icons of the 1930's

Ways that white people treated black people in the 1930's segregation?

They would hang them, whip them, or even sometimes torture them for no reason.

When was the black Muslim movement founded?


What year did Louis Armstrong become famous?

Louis Armstrong became famous in 1930.

At what time was Salvador Dali famous?

From about 1930. He still is.

Who was the famous race horse in 1930?

Phar Lap!

Why did so many people emigrate from Britain 1830-1930?

why did so many people emigrate from britain in 1830-1930 ?

When was The Black Hand Gang created?

The Black Hand Gang was created in 1930.

What actors and actresses appeared in Black and White - 1930?

The cast of Black and White - 1930 includes: Elsie Carlisle Johnny Nitt Hal Swain