Finding Nemo

Names of all the fish in finding nemo?


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Clown Fish, Angelfish, Puffer Fish, Starfish, Yellow Tang, Guppy, Shrimp, and Damselfish. That's all the fish in the fish tank on Finding Nemo.

Yes, at the very end when Nemo, Dory, and Nemo's dad tell all the TUNA fish to swim down so they can escape the net. :)

Yes they are all tropical marine species.

First of all, dory fish is not a kind of fish. Dory is a hippo tang. They are a salt water fish just like in finding nemo.

Clown fish, blow fish, shark, baracuda, sting ray, octopus, stafish and that's all i know

They were eaten by the barracuda

???? and clown fish,sharks,etc all the things in the ocean

there are lots but the here are most of the characters. Nemo= child fish marlin=farther of nemo dory=marlins best friend Bruce=shark that almost ate dory Mr. Ray= nemos teacher crush= sea turtle but there are so many more that it is hard to remember them all.

The characters in findinq nemo are~ Nemo marlin dorthy crush and peach is all i can remember.

all movies based on fish. examples, finding nemo, shark tail, the little mermaid etc :)

nemo couldn't find his dad. he ended up in a fish tank in a dentist office. he had to roam all through the sea with a not very smart fish just to find his dad and yeah that's all i can remember haven't seen it an awhile.. good luck.

The ride is called "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage", based on the 2003 film and its sequels. The feature in Tomorrowland is based on the original 1959 Submarine Voyage ride that closed in 1998.It is a submarine ride underwater. Visitors get to sit in a small, dark submarine and travel through a shallow pond. Underwater, the riders will get to meet Nemo, Dory, Bruce, and all the little fish characters from Disney's "Finding Nemo" movie.

If you mean when he appears in the movie, he appears in the fish tank Nemo is thrown in. If you mean what he looks like, he is a brown blowfish, pricks all over his body, and blows up when he is angry.

no technically i could stop at the first point which is the fish cant talk but there iss anohter point Nemo is asalt water fish when he was launched into the sink on the dentist chair he had fresh water all over him if this where to acctually happen the cells in poor nemo would take on to much water and explode causing nemo to blow up and die POOR NEMO!!!!!

All of them..... "All drains lead to the ocean!" From Finding Nemo

It is the Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo.

The actor that done the voice over for nemo was Alexander Gould also starred in wes cravens They for all info of this nature may i recomend

the problem is first a barracuda kills his wife coral and all of his kids but not nemo. Next,nemo gets stolen by divers and put in a tank to be taken home by a creepy girl

First of all you say it just Fish, not Fishes. And in a sea cave or hole, if you dont believe me watch the movie "Finding Nemo". The first part shows the eggs.

in the movie nemo....go watch it and you will find outt......duhhh....dory sez it all the time in the movie finding nemo

Coral for sure my kids watch it all the time

she has 1 tentacle shorter than all the others.

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