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Q: Names of all the fish in finding nemo?
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What type of fish are in the fish tank in finding nemo?

Clown Fish, Angelfish, Puffer Fish, Starfish, Yellow Tang, Guppy, Shrimp, and Damselfish. That's all the fish in the fish tank on Finding Nemo.

What is the name of that fish that blows up all fat on Finding Nemo?


Are there Tuna Fish in Finding Nemo?

Yes, at the very end when Nemo, Dory, and Nemo's dad tell all the TUNA fish to swim down so they can escape the net. :)

In finding Nemo when he gets captured what are the names of all the other fish in the tank?

Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, Peach, Gurgle, Jacques, and Deb/Flo.

Are the fishes in finding nemo salt water fish?

Yes they are all tropical marine species.

Can all the fish in the fish tank in finding nemo actually survive together?

Bloat might eat Jaques in real world

Is a dory fish a freshwater fish?

First of all, dory fish is not a kind of fish. Dory is a hippo tang. They are a salt water fish just like in finding nemo.

What are all kind of fishes in finding nemo?

Clown fish, blow fish, shark, baracuda, sting ray, octopus, stafish and that's all i know

How did all the nemo eggs die in finding nemo?

They were eaten by the barracuda

How much real science and what is in the movie Finding Nemo?

???? and clown fish,sharks,etc all the things in the ocean

What are all the characters names in finding nemo?

there are lots but the here are most of the characters. Nemo= child fish marlin=farther of nemo dory=marlins best friend Bruce=shark that almost ate dory Mr. Ray= nemos teacher crush= sea turtle but there are so many more that it is hard to remember them all.

At the beginning of finding nemo the movie what happened to nemo's family?

They were all eaten by a baracouda.

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