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the turkey vultures predators are skunks,owls,raccoons,hawks,bobcats,and snakes. And that is a fact.

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Q: Natural predators of turkey vultures
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What are a turkey vulture's enemies?

Turkey vultures do not have many natural predators. Other large birds such as a Great Horned Owl or Northern Goshawk might be big enough to take out a turkey vulture.

How do turkey's defend themselves?

Turkey Vultures Vomit to deter predators. The foul smelling undigested food bothers most predators and if they get it on them it stings from the powerful acid.

What predators eat turkey vultres?

Animals like coyotes or bobcats can eat turkey vultures (only if it looses airborne from overeating etc.)

Who are Turkey vulture enemies?

Turkey vultures do not have very many natural enemies. Sometimes eagles and great horned owls will attack vultures that are not full-grown. In order to avoid opportunistic animals, turkey vultures sometimes vomit partially digested food.

Do turkey vultures eat dead turkey vultures?

no, they do not it depends on if they are hungry enough.

What are the predators of Himalayan vultures?

Nothing preys on himalayan vultures.

What are the predators of the King Cobra?

There are no major natural predators for the king cobra because of its huge size. Humans are its biggest enemies.

What animals hunt the black mamba?

Black mambas do not have any natural predators that kill them often. Rarely they may be picked up and killed by eagles or vultures or humans. Otherwise they do not have any natural enemies.

What type of animal eats mountain lions?

Mountain Lions are apex predators. They have no natural predators, however scavengers (vultures, foxes rats, etc) will feed on their remains.

What kind of vultures live in the African savanna?

they are very storong

Do turkey vultures have a rectum?

Yes, they do.

How big is a turkey vultures wingspan?

Turkey vultures have a wingspan of 67 to 72 inches or approximately 6 feet.