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There should be a sticker somewhere under the hood showing a diagram of all the vacuum lines and where they go.

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Q: Need schamatic on vacuum lines on 1993 Chevy 2.8?
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Where is the vacuum line in your 1993 accord?

There are several vacuum lines on a 1993 Honda Accord. Each vacuum lines delivers air to different parts of the engine.

What controls the vacuum lines in a 93 Honda accord?

The vacuum lines, in a 1993 Honda accord, are controlled by a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump regulates the proper pressure in the vacuum lines.

Need vacuum diagram for 1993 Chevy Lumina?


Are there vacuum lines for a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker that would keep it from shifting?


Does a 1993 Chevy full size truck have vacuum on the tans?

No it does not. That transmission is electronic controlled.

Where are the vacuum lines located in a 1993 Ford Aerostar XLT?

remove headlight switch

Vacuum lines to front axel on 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

diagram from front vacuum motor to transfer case of 1993 Jeep Wrangler

Why does your 1993 Plymouth grand voyager van idles way to fast?

check for unhooked vacuum lines

Where can I find a vacuum line hose diagram for a 1993 Chevy 350 engine with tbi?

1993 Mazda 626 vacuum hose schematics?

Usually if you look on the underside of you hood there is a sticker which will give a brief diagram of the vacum lines

What causes the air conditioner 1993 ford club wagon to stop blowing while acceleratoring?

The most common thing that will cause this will be a vacuum leak and you need to check all of the vacuum lines first..................

What is the vacuum hose size for a 1993 Chevy 4.3?

There aer several sizes used. Take a piece with you when you go to the auto parts store, they will match it.

Are there oil lines on a 1993 k1500 Chevy 4x4?

Yes there are oil cooler lines that come off of the oil filter adapter, they feed in to an oil cooler that is built in to the radiator.

What carburetor does a 1993 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 have?

A 1993 Chevy does not have a carburetor, it is fuel injected.

where can i get a seat for a 1993 chevy grumman stepvan?

where can I get a seat for a driver for a 1993 chevy grumman truck

What are the release dates for The Chevy Chase Show - 1993?

The Chevy Chase Show - 1993 was released on: USA: 7 September 1993

How do you get the idle to go down in a 1993 Chevy z28 camaro?

The idle speed is computer controlled on a LT1 engine. If it is a little high, try checking for vacuum leaks.

How do you tell if the modulator valve is bad on a 1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer?

If your car has one, take the vacuum line to the modulator off and if there is fluid inside, the modulator is bad.

Did not find trunk release button on 1993 Chevy Corsica?

where is the trunk release button for 1993 chevy corsica

1993 Chevy stepside?

what about them, there awesome

Where can you get a vacuum diagram for a 1993 Volvo 940?

You can get a vacuum diagram for a 1993 Volvo 940 on the AutoZone website. They have nine different diagrams that can be enlarged, and a list of the components.Ê

Where is crank sensor locted on 1993 Chevy lumuna car?

trying to locate crank shaft sencor for 1993 Chevy lumna trying to locate crank shaft sencor for 1993 Chevy lumna

Will 2003 Chevy pickup doors fit on a 1993 Chevy pickup?


Do 1993 Chevy trucks have airbags?

1996 Chevy trucks do NOT have airbags.

Diagram of brake lines on 1993 topaz?

need diagram of rear brake lines for 1993 mercury topaz