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are the advantages and disadvantages of worlds events

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Q: Negative and positive effects of global event?
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A stressor is that can be positive or negative?

an event

A positive or negative stressor is that causes stress-?

Someone that has stress is a negative for a person. Stress can cause a lot of issues.

What is one positive event and one negative event that could cause stress?

A positive cause of stress may come from the desire to do well on a project (ex: school or work). You may not want to take the easy way out, but instead have a desire to learn. Financial problems often cause tension and are a form of negative stress. This often creates tension for the family. Dr. Melissa Stöppler says "It is only when stress is overwhelming, or poorly managed, that its negative effects appear."

Essay on challenging satisfying experience in life?

You can share any event that has happened that has challenged you or encouraged you to keep going. This can be a negative or positive life event.

What global weather event occurs every 3 to 7 years and effects the movement of currents in the pacific?

El Nino.

How the World War 2 affects your present?

This sad event has left its mark on our present. They can be positive, and unfortunately negative.

What are the Positive and negative aspects of a global event after the 2010 world cup soccer tournament?

The world cup brings a lot of money to the country hoisting the world cup. But it also brings in a lot of prostitutes and a.I.D.S will be a big problem and worry, as it is a leading continent with a.I.d.S.

Can an event be a global event without being an international event?

Global and international mean basically the same thing, so the the answer is no. Think about it, if a global pandemic occured it is impossible for any country or group of countries to not have been contaminated because then the event would then not be global.

What is a galvanizing event?

A galvanizing event is an event that strengthens, that inspires positively, that brings resolve to someone or a group of persons. Both negative events and positive events are capable of galvanizing (that is, producing a galvanizing effect in) those affected by them.

What are positive and negative effects of the cotton boom?

Positive: -boosted the economy immensely in the southern regions of the united states. - Cotton began to be traded amoungst the states, causing a growth in port cities such as Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC. NEGATIVE: -slavery exploded in the south ( even though there was a congressional ban on the importation of slaves put into effect in 1808.) -cotton was the MAJOR crop produced in the south, this made the south very over reliant on cotton.

How success turns out into positive thinking?

When you have a successful event in your life, obviously when you think about that event you think about it in a positive way. That positive thought then lead to positive motivation and ultimately to positive future action. A very nice circle begins to be formed. The more success you achieve, the more positive your thinking becomes, and eventually the more success you have in life in general. The same is true in the reverse, a poor experience leads to negative thinking and negative future results. The best thing to do in any situation is to learn how to look for the positive and the good in that situation, even if the outcome is not ideal, that way your chance of future success increases.

What is a global event?

An event that will affect or change the whole world. For example: Someone announced that they could make oil from water, if true that would be a global event. From the word itself, global means world-wide so it would be world-wide event. A global event is something that all countries know of. Examples of global events are: - World Wars - Olympics