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Bach. "Back to Bach" is the theme of the neoclassical movement.

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Bach dedicated himself primarily to the composition of

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When did the Baroque era take place

What is the major difference between aria and recitative

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Q: Neoclassical composers modeled many of their works after the compositions of?
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What composer did Johannes brahms model his work after?

He modeled his choral works after those of Handel and Haydn. His love for musical tradition was influenced by Bach and the other Viennese Classical Composers.

Neoclassical works are likely to contain?

In music, Chamber music, orchestral works, and operas.

Who was the french dramatist who modeled his tragedies on the works of Aeschylus and Sophocles?

The French dramatist who modeled his tragedies on the works of Aechylus and Sophocles was Pierre Corneille. He was born in Rouen, France in 1606.

French dramatist who modeled his tradgedies on the works of Aeschylus and Sophocles?


What is the difference between Hob and Opus?

Opus (Latin 'work') numbers are assigned to the compositions of many composers as they are published and/or composed. They may provide a fairly reliable indication of when a work was written, but there is a lot of variation in how they have actually been used. Many composers' works have no opus numbers, or randomly-allocated numbers. Often their compositions have been analysed and catalogued by other people in chronological, or some other logical, order, and those catalogues may take the name of the cataloguer. Hence, for example, Mozart's compositions have Köchel numbers, Haydn's have Hoboken (or Hob) numbers, and Schubert's have Deutsch numbers.

How many compositions did camille saint-saens write?

Camille Saint-Saens wrote hundreds of compositions and composed over 300 works.

Did Scott joplin ever meet other composers?

Yes. In fact he published some joint works with other ragtime composers.

What does op mean in a symphony?

Op. stands for "Opus number", to refer to a catalog of the composer's works (not just symphonies, but all compositions in general.) Some composers whose works have been cataloged by particular specialists are more often referred to by special abbreviations for the catalog, e.g. Mozart's works are often numbered as "KWV ..." (Koechelwerkverzeichnis, since Koechel cataloged the works), Schubert's works "D. ..." for Otto Deutsch, and so on.

What french dramatist who modeled his tragedies on the works of greek plays?

Greek Classicism was a big part of the work of Jean Racine. His work primarily focused on neoclassical Greek tragedy, having only one comedy in his repertoire. His poetry is well respected and held to be his greatest contribution to French literature.

How many total works did Mozart write?

over 600 total compositions

Why do the works by Jean Dubuffet such as Corps de Dame look do disordered?

He modeled his works after the art brut created by psychotics and children

French dramatist who modeled his tragedies on the works of ancient Greek playwrights?

The French dramatist who modeled his tragedies on the works of ancient Greek playwrights was Jean Baptiste Vivien. He spent close to 40 years perfecting only two plays.

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