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Sometimes the term ganglia is used as in the sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglia of the autonomic nervous system.

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Q: Nerve cell axons inside the CNS called?
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Axons and dendrites?

There are 2 types OS nerve fibers, called axons and dendrites. The axons carry nerve impulses away from the cellbody, while dendrites carry them towards the cell body.

Do Axons carries impulses toward the nerve cell body?

No, axons carry impulses away from the nerve cell body.

What part of the nerve are Axons and dendrites?


Microscopic fiber that carries the nervous impulse along nerve cell?

Some nerve cells have fibers that grow out of the cell, which are called axons. Axons allow a nerve cell to connect to distant parts of the body, so that cells in the brain can send messages to, and receive messages from a toe, for example, which might be six feet away from the brain. Other nerve cells just connect to their immediate neighboring nerve cells, and therefore do not require axons; they instead have smaller extensions called dendrites.

Do the axons of retinal ganglion cells form the optic nerve?

Yes. The Retinal Ganglion Cell axons form the optic nerve.

What nerve processes transport impulses to the cell body?

Axons are the nerve processes that transport impulses to the cell body.

What provides for the transmission of nerve impulses way from the cell body?


Gray matter in the spinal cord is mostly?

unmyelinated axons.

Which best describes the components of a nerve?

axons, blood vessels, connective tissue, Schwann cell.

Which bestdescribes thecomponents ofa nerve?

axons, blood vessels, connective tissue, Schwann cell.

Difference between a neuron and a nerve?

A bundle of axons is a nerve. A neuron is the cell of the nervous system and is composed of dendrites, axon, and the cell body.

What is a group of axons bundled together called?

a nerve is bundled together by neuron fibers. The CELL BODY OF A NERVE or neuron is surrounded by satellite cells.