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Never had premenstrul cramps before so could cramps be a sign of pregnancy?



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no. sometimes girls don't ever get cramps, sometimes they just get cramps every once in a while and sometimes they always get cramps. there is no need to worry.

Pregnancy is different for every woman and every pregnancy for each individual woman. I myself have never had cramps before, during, or after any menstrual cycle and I am a very heavy bleeder. Yes, cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, but usually very light if at all. To be sure try to wait. I realize you are panicing or excited, but you cannot do anything immediately. If you have not missed your period yet give it a week after your expected date. Stressing yourself out can cause you to miss your period so try to relax. Nothing is going to completely turn your life upside down in a week and you may just save yourself that $20 on a test. Hormones may also flux causing your period to change a little. Time is the best choice if you can give it a little patience.