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No problem in Spanish?

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No hay problema.

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What is no problem in spanish language?

Note that "no problem" is really short for "There is no problem". In Spanish, that is "No hay problema".

How do you say problem in spanish?


What is the Spanish translation of no problem?

"Ningun problema" or "no hay problema" is the Spanish equivalent of "no problem".

What is no problem in spanish?

No problem literally translates to "no problemo" in Spanish. A more proper way to say this would be, "No es un problemo," or, "It isn't a problem."

What does 'No hay bronca' mean in Spanish?

In Mexico, this is slang for "No problem!" or the Spanish equivalent of the English "No problem-o".

What is the spanish word for problem?

Problema. :]

'no problem' in Spanish?

no problema

How you say problem in spanish?


What groups of native Americans presented a problem for Spanish efforts to colonize Texas?

the Comanche where the main problem for the Spanish to colonize Texas

How do you say what a problem in spanish?

Qué problema

How do you say in spanish no problem?

No hay problema.

What problems did the Spanish armada face?

The problem was that the spanish armada were attacked by the english people

No problem spanish?

No hay problema Está bien

How do you write no problem in Spanish?

No hay cuidado / problema.

What is problema in Spanish?

Problema in English means problem.

What does Que problema mean in spanish?

It means "what problem?"

What challenges to their power did the Spanish face?

trading problem

How do you say What is your problem in Spanish?

¿Qué es tú problema?

What does resolver mean in spanish?

It means to solve a problem or something.

What does hay un problema mean in spanish?

it means: there is a problem

What is the Spanish translation of It's Not My Problem?

No es mi problema.

How do you say ok no problem in spanish?

Bueno, no hay problema

How do you say major problem in spanish?

Una problema grande.

Is no problemo Spanish?

No. No Problemo is an English approximation of how one would say "no problem". This was popularized in the Schwarzenegger movie "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" The comment "no problem" translates to Spanish as "without a problem" - Sin problema. Notice it's problema, not problemo.

What is foot in spanish?

The word "foot" in Spanish, translates to "pie." If you have a foot problem, you should see a doctor. We have two feet.

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