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"It is not easy in unfavorable circumstances".

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Q: Non est facile in rebus adversis?
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What does c est facile mean in English?

It is easy.

What is 'Non totum difficile est sed nihil facile' when translated from Latin to English?

"Not everything is difficult but nothing (is) easy" is an English equivalent of the Latin phrase Non totum difficile est sed nihil facile. The phrase also translates as "All is not difficult but nothing (is) easy" in English. The pronunciation will be "non TO-tuhm deef-FEE-kee-ley est sed NEE-hihl FA-kee-ley" in Church and classical Latin.

How do you say French is easy in French?

le français est facile

That's easy for your self in french?

'cela est facile pour vous'

What does de francais est facile mean?

Generally speaking, facile is the French for "easy." But be careful of idioms. In the expression "take it easy, " the word is doucement.

How do you say so it is easier for you in french?

Il est plus facile pour vous/toi

What does facile est mean in french?

"it easy" would be a strict literal translation but I assume it would mean "it is easy"

How do you say embarassing in French?

Ton question est tres facile, parce-que le toujorun mon amie est sympa pour la tranjement tourloins. Jeranimo.

What does non est in latin mean?

non est = He or she or it is not

What are the ratings and certificates for Il est plus facile pour un chameau--- - 2003?

Il est plus facile pour un chameau--- - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Germany:6 Sweden:7 Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) Switzerland:10 (canton of Vaud) Switzerland:14 (canton of Zurich)

What is the motto of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors?

The motto of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is 'Est modus in rebus'.

What did Aristotle recommend for living a good life when he said est modus in rebus

Aristotle recommended practicing moderation in all things, as it leads to a balanced and virtuous life. This concept of "est modus in rebus" emphasizes the importance of avoiding extremes and finding a middle ground in order to achieve true happiness and flourishing.