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Carbonic acid yo

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Q: Normal rainwater is slightly acidic because water vapor combines with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form?
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Suggest why normal rain water is slightly acidic?

Normal rainwater has a pH of 5.6 (slightly acidic). This is because it is exposed to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide gets dissolved in the rainwater and forms carbonic acid (H{-2}CO{-3}).

Is rainwater natrually acidic?

Yes, rainwater is naturally slightly acidic due to the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide mixes with rainwater to form carbonic acid, which lowers the pH of the rainwater. However, human activities, such as emissions from burning fossil fuels, can increase the acidity of rainwater to harmful levels, leading to acid rain.

Why is rain water naturally acidic?

Rainwater is slightly acidic because the CO2 in the atmosphere is soluble in water (the water in the air). When in solution CO2 forms a weak acid (Carbonic acid) which makes pure rainwater a weak acid.

Is normal rainwater an acid or a base?

Normal rain water is slightly acidic because contain carbon dioxide.

Calcium carbonate is insoluble in pure water why does it dissolve in rain water?

Because rainwater, with the different chemicals and elements in it, is very slightly acidic.

Why the normal pH of rainwater is acidic?

Rainwater is normally acidic because the carbon dioxide in the air which mixes with rainwater to form weak acid. That's why its acidic ^_^ Rainwater is also because of the pollutions in the air and it mixes with the water so its not good. meee!

Why the pH of rainwater is naturally below then 7?

Because water absorb easily carbon dioxide and other gases (sulfur and nitrogen oxides) from the atmosphere.

What happens to rainwater to make it more acidic than usual?

Acid rain is an environmental concern all over the world. Acid rain happens when pollutants like sulfur and nitrogen mix with water in the atmosphere and fall as rain.

Why does rainwater weather away limestone buildings?

Because rainwater is mildly acidic. Acid in the rainwater dissolves the limestone.

How does carbon dioxide form natural rainwater features?

its all to do with gravitational pull, basically rainwater holds carbon dioxide as it is fresh from the atmosphere then when it reaches earth there is more added to it because us humans and animals take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

Chemical weathering processes are particularly effective on limestone landscapes forming?

Chemical weathering processes are particularly effective on limestone landscapes forming because of carbonation. When rainwater combines with acid in the air, limestone is formed.

Does earth's atmosphere affect weather?

The atmosphere is the reason we HAVE weather. Without an atmosphere, there can be no weather. Example...the Moon.