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june callwood

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Q: Noted social activist from chatham ont?
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Where is Clermont IA?

paul clermont Chatham ont

How many miles is it from Paris Ont to Chatham Ont Canada?

115 miles (186 kilometres) taking this route:Go down Rest Acres Rd to HIGHWAY 403. Follow signs to HIGHWAY 403 WEST to LONDON.Take HIGHWAY 403 WEST to HIGHWAY 401 WEST towards London.Take HIGHWAY 401 WEST to Chatham. The exits for CHATHAM are: EXITS 90 (CENTRAL & EASTERN) and 81 (WESTERN Chatham).

What cities are close to sarnia Ontario?

London Ont. - 90 km to the east; Detroit, Mi. - 100 Km to the southwest; Port Huron Mi. - across the border; Chatham Ont. - 75 km. to the south; Toronto, Ont. - 290 km. to the east; Flint Mi. - 90 km. to the west

What type of social organizations does Germany have?

i ont know

What has the author Karigoudar Ishwaran written?

Karigoudar Ishwaran has written: 'Family, kinship and community' -- subject(s): Dutch in Canada, Holland Marsh, Ont, Ont Holland Marsh, Social conditions

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About 50 miles.

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