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Shock and Awe

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Ground zero.

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Q: Nuclear bomb explosion detonation point
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When was the first detonation of a nuclear bomb?


When was the detonation of the first nuclear bomb?


What is the name of the first nuclear bomb?

trinity was the code of the detonation of the nuclear deviceit was the first nuclear bomb in the world

What do you call the explosion called from an atomic bomb?

a nuclear explosion

What happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated?

There is a huge explosion.

Where was the worlds worst nuclear explosion?

I'm not sure but the strongest bomb is the hydrogen bomb

Why did a nuclear explosion happen?

because the bomb was designed to make it so.

Why does the atomic bomb make an explosion?

uncontrolled nuclear fission and/or fusion.

What would happen if you ignite a nuclear bomb in a volcano?

You get a rather large explosion.

Example of nuclear change?

explosion of atomic bomb , and production of solar system

What takes up the largest percent of energy released in a nuclear detonation?

As with any bomb the primary effect is blast.

Why did radiation occur after the atomic bomb hit Japan?

The atomic bombs are nuclear weapons that use a nuclear chain reaction to create a Hugh explosion. The by-product of the nuclear blast is radiation.Atomic explosion is created by setting off a lot of dynamite around a core of nuclear material. The blast compresses the material together and makes it unstable.A hydrogen bomb is a much more powerful bomb. It is the result of a small nuclear explosion that compresses more powerful radioactive material together and thus creating an explosion that is 100 times greater than an atomic bomb.

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