Number of Home Mortgages in the US?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Around 44.4 million

This answer is derived from information provided at

The article claims that

a) there are 4,000,000 mortgages considered to be "at risk"

b) this represents 9% of the mortages in the U.S.

A quick calculations shows that there are 44,444,444 mortgages

Obviously this is a very rough estimate

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Q: Number of Home Mortgages in the US?
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How many mortgages are there in the US?

From US Statistical Abstract, table 961 74,931,000 housing units in the US in 2005 48,394,000 had a mortgage {| |- | Number of regular and home equity mortgages: (in thousands) 1 mortgage 33,409 2 mortgages 10,877 3 mortgages or more 1,164 Number not reported 4,639 For more information, see the table listed. |}

What US city has the highest number of reverse mortgages?

To what I've come to know New York city probably has the high number of reverse mortgages in US based on the # of foreclosures in the area.

Where can one find mortgages and home equity loans?

There are a number of companies that offer mortgages and home equity loans. One can get them from 'Wells Fargo', 'Bankrate', 'Bank of America' and 'Barclays'.

Are home mortgages in the US callable?

Traditional Mortgages are no longer callable. A variety of protection acts by the Federal Government have change mortgage terms.

What are the different types of Home Loan Mortgages available?

There are several different types of home loan mortgages available. Some the many are fixed mortgages, adjustable mortgages, balloon mortgages, and even reverse mortgages. Each has their own benefits and downfalls.

Where can one find more information regarding home mortgages?

One can find more information regarding home mortgages at certain websites that pertain to home mortgages such as MortgageCentral, AboutMortgages, MoreMortgages and other websites that provide information about home mortgages.

Is the us bank home mortgage any good?

Us Bank Home mortgage offers options tailored to Home mortgages threw their Making Home Affordable Program. If you qualify and your current mortgage is up to date, you may be eligible to refinance your existing mortgage. There are many options for Home Mortgages that make this bank a possible great choice.

Which banks sell home mortgages?

There are many banks that sell home mortgages. Examples of banks that sell home mortgages includes Wells Fargo, Capital One, TCF, and Bank of America.

What is the total principal owed on all home mortgages in the us?

$4,918,262,770,000 2007 US Census $100,904 (avg. principal owed) X 48,742,000 (owner occupied homes) Note: 24,885,000 owner occupied have no mortgages

What bank does BSB 037-157 belong to?

Westpac It is a BSB number for Mortgages. This BSB Is for a Home Loan

Where can I find info on US Home Mortgage services?

It is very important to learn about US Home Mortgage services before considering owning a home. The USA government site ( releases great information about mortgages and the many services offered pertaining to them, such as loans and home buying programs.

What kind of mortgages does Countrywide offer?

The types of mortgages that Countrywide offers are primarily home purchase loans, home refinance loans and home equity. They offer fixed rate loans and adjustable rate mortgages.