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O Sacrament Most Holy

1. O Jesus, we adore you, Who, in your love divine,

Conceal your mighty Godhead In forms of bread and wine.

(Refrain): O sacrament most holy, O sacrament divine,

All praise and all Thanksgiving Be ev'ry moment thine!

2. O Jesus, we adore you, our victim and our priest,

Whose prrecious blood and body Become our Sacred feast. (Ref.)

3. O Jesus, we adore you, Our Savior and our King,

And with the saints and angels Our humble homage bring. (Ref.)

4. O Jesus, we adore you; Come, live in us we pray,

That all our thoughts and actions Be yours alone today. (Ref.)

5. O come, all you who labor In sorrow and in pain;

Come, eat this bread from heaven; Your peace and strength regain. (Ref.)

Verses by Irvin Udulutsch, OFM, Cap, (c) 1958

Music: Gebet-und Gesangbuch, Fulda, 1891

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Q: O Sacrament Most Holy - lyrics of hymn?
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