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Pilot Mountain in northwest North Carolina is composed mainly of the metamorphic rock quartzite which formed when the original sandstone was metamorphosed during uplift that formed the mountain.

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What type of rock is stone mountain made of?

Stone Mountain in Georgia is composed of quartz monzonite, granite and granodiorite--all closely-related igneous rocks.

Does sediment or weathering reduce mountain to gravel?

Weathering. Sediment is a type of rock composed of layers dating back to thousands of years.

Is sand a type of rock?

Sand is composed of rock particles.

What type of music did The Beatles composed?

the beatles composed rock music

What type of mountain is stone mountain?

stone mountain is a rock of granite

What type of rock is river rock is it sedimentary metaphoric or igneious?

River rock can be composed of any rock type, or any combination of rock types.

Contrast a rock and mineral?

A rock is composed of two or more MINERALS, and a mineral is composed of one type of substance, like copper.

What type of rock is the planet Mercury composed of?

Mercury's thick crust is probably composed of iron-rich silicate igneous rock.

What type of rock is usually composed of large crystals?

sedementary rock because this is the right answer dah

Which type of rock is most common in the Himalayas?

The Himalayas are largely composed of sedimentary and metamorphic rock.

What type of rock is half dome?

Half Dome is composed of the intrusive igneous rock granite.

What is the type of rock that continental plates are made of?

Continental plates are composed of mainly granitic rock.

How do you beat level 7-5 on Super Scribblenauts?

in the first box you type in solid lava, between the lava and the rock, then you type in big rock between the rock and the mountain, and between the mountain and the hill you put small mountain. simples

What type of rock that is composed of only one mineral?

A rock composed of only one mineral is called a monomineralic rock. One type of monomineralic rock is limestone which is one made up of calcite. Another one is halite which is only made up of halite.

Which volcanoes are composed of ash and rock?

Stratovolcno are composed of ash and rock. Mount Fuji is an example of a stratovolcano. This type of volcano is also known as a composite volcano.

What type of rock are continental plates composed of?

Continental plates are composed of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock, but the main composition of continental plates are granitic in nature.

What type of rock is rock candy?

Rock candy is not a rock. Rocks are composed of minerals, which are inorganic. Sugar, the main component of rock candy, is organic.

Is marble a mineral or rock?

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, composed primarily of the mineral calcite or dolomite.

What kind of mountain is mt shasta?

It's a rocky mountain with lots of rock and dirt in it. It is a shasta type mountain.

What type of rock is the Alps?

the alps is not a rock. it is a very high snowy mountain. It's rock covered with snow!!

What type of rock is porphry?

IS a igneous rock composed of large, conspicuous crystal phenocrysts and a groundmass in which the phenocrysts are embedded.

What type of mountain is Rakaposhi?

The Rakaposhi Mountain in Pakistan is a rock mountain. It is a part of the Karakoram mountain range, and is a popular climbing mountain during the summer months.

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