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L.E.D has one leg longer then the other one, the longer one is positive and the smaller one is negative. If you have a l.e.d which has same length of legs then look inside the l.e.d for two kind of triangle peices and one of them will be smaller which is positive and one which is bigger and is negative.

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Q: On a LED which leg is longer - positive or negative?
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Why are led legs different in size?

Current will only flow one way through an LED, so it has a positive leg and a negative leg. One of them is longer to signify which is which (longer is negative). The negative side also has a chamfered edge on the LED itself.

How can you identify a negative leg on a LED?

the negative leg is shorter than the positive leg.

How can you identify the different legs of a led?

The length of the legs. The positive leg is always longer than the negative one.

What are the 2 ways to find out which is the positive leg and which is negative - led?

On an LED, one leg will be shorter than the other. The shorter leg is the negative polarity.

What is the short and long legs of LED called?

Cathode (negative) is the shortest leg and there is a flat edge on the base of the LED, and it must be connected to the negative wire or "-" connection. Anode (positive) is the longest leg, and must be connected to the positive wire or "+" connection, as electricity will only pass through a LED from positive to negative.

0n an LED what are the names of the positive and the negative leg?

Anode and cathode. Anode = negative lead, cathode = positive lead.

What is the positive leg of an LED?

The longest leg is the positive leg of any LED.

Is the leg positive or negative?

A leg is a limb, it is neither positive or negative.

In an LED how can you work out which leg is negative?

because the negative leg is shorter.

In what two ways can you tell the polarity of and LED light?

If you plug it it in, if it doesn't light it's the wrong way round. Although these other two are more 'conventional': -The negative wire is closest to a small flat 'spot' on the LED's base. -The longer leg is the positive wire

What happens if the long leg of LED is conected to a wire coming from the negative end of the dry cell?

The long leg of the LED is the Anode. Connecting the Anode to the negative end of the dry cell would bias the LED off. It would not illuminate. It may also destroy LED.

How could you identify the negative leg of a LED if both legs were cut the same length?

Look at the size of the 'flags' inside the LED lens itself. The bigger one is the positive one. Don't ask me about a bi/tri colour LED, maybe with a capacitor.