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23 is the lowest number you cannot score with one dart, the rest ( 1 to 22 ) can all be scored with one dart.


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121 is wrong. It is not possible to get 119 with two darts so how can 121 be the lowest score you cannot get with two darts. A lot of people think it's 99 due to the fact that it's the lowest number for which you need 3 darts to finish. But they forget that a treble is allowed for the 2nd dart. (99 = T19,T14) Also 101 = Bull + Treble 17 The answer is 103.

The lowest number that cannot be hit with one dart is 23.

sorry the question should read "what is the lowest score you cannot check out on....oops"

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There are seventeen (17) pink squares, double word score, on a standard scrabble board.

The lowest score with one dart is 0 (outside the double). The lowest score in the scoring area is 1.

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