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1-100 Another Answer: WHO KNOWS. COUNT EM YOURSELF A good deal less than there used to be, and a damned sight less than the size of the packet would suggest! Depends on the brand and type of crisps I guess... I know you only get about 22 scampi fries in a bag, and about 30 bacon fries! Walkers ready salted have between 28 & 35, most brands of pork scratchings have around 15, and you get LOADS of Wotsits!

Another Answer: Because potatoes come in various sizes thus producing different sized crisps and the fact that fried crisps break in the tumblers used to salt and flavour them then there is no real answer for this question, on average you COULD say you get between 20 to 30 crisps, but because they are always broken we then weigh them to usually around 25 grams to 35 grams depending on variety and manufacturer. please dont ask how many grains of sugar you get in a kilo!

my 2nd edit: in a 25gram bag of walkers multipack bag of salt n vinegar i had 125 pieces of crisps including smal bits and crisps!

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Q: On average how many crisps are there in a crisp packet?
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How many potatoes are in a packet of crisps or chips?

It depends on how much crisps(chips) are in your crisp(chip) packet.

How many grams of fat are in a packet of crisps?

The grams of fat that are found in a packet of crisps varies based on the brand and the size of the packet. In 100 grams of standard crisps, there are 30 grams of fat.

How many potatoes are there in a packet of crisps?


How many gallons are in a packet of crisps?

Crisps are not measured as a volume but as a mass.The conversion is not possible.

How many kilojoules are in a small packet of crisps?


Which word is wrong in this sentence 'A packet of crisps were found on the bench'?

The word that is wrong is 'were'The reason that it is wrong is that the subject of the sentence 'A packet of crisps' is singular (it refers to one packetnot the many crisps in the packet) while the verb 'were found' refers to the plural (i.e they were found). As there is only one packet of crisps 'was found' the singular should be used (i.e. it was found). The sentence should therefore read:-"A packet of crisps was found on the bench."

How many calories are in disco crisps?

there is 90 calories in a packet of disco's.

How many calories in a packet of crisps?

Calories in a packet of crisps In crisps in general (in American called potato chips) there are:130 to 160 calories in small packet of crisps.It varies somewhat according to brand and flavour. For example, there are 133 calories in a small packet (25g) of Walker's plain ready salted. In addition, ridged or crinkle cut crisps will have more calories because they have more of a surface area. For examples of the calories in potato crisps according to flavour and weight, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions..

How many calories are there in a packet of crisps?

Depends on the crisps but it's generally around 100 to 150 calories for a 30gram or 40 gram pack

How many packets of crisps should you eat each week?

7, 1 packet each day.

Are Nachos crisps?

Well, some people do class the 'Nacho' as a type of crisps. Actually crisps have many different names, and shapes. The Nachos are squares, and the law has not yet detirminned the correct deffinition for a 'crisp' in fact, are they even called crisps? I have always called the 'Slightly roasted, yet crispy potato slices'. I hope this helps with your potato chip issues.

How do you keep apple crisp crisp?

there are several important factors in keeping apple crisps, or infact many other crisps, crispy. If making them yourselves ensure the oven is at a high enough temperature, if cooked to slowly or not enough the crisp will -unlike it should- fail to crisp. This is due to the mafipulation process of high molecular re-construction weight distribution not being fully allowed to develop. You may fall in the trap of not wanting the burn the vagetable or fruit crisps, however, this should not be a problem. The moisture in the crisps, and in the oil needed to cook with them will ensure they stay un blackened and uneffected in taste by the extreme heat. If buying apple crisps which are not crispy, or loose there crisp after a while, ensure you are keeping them in a cool, dry place, and or ensure they are not dormont (too hot or too cold can cause the bacteria placement within any food to become "dormont" this is why frozen or cooked food will last longer).

How many calories are in a packet of hoola hoops crisp?

there are 128 in one pack of the bqq beef flavour i asume that the others will be the same

How many strawberries in 1 packet on average?

About 37

How many anzac biscuits are in a packet?

on average...... about 24 :)

How many calories is there in 1 packet of crisp?

It might vary according to the manufacturer and the flavour, but as a guide 130/160 per 25g or 562kj

How many calories are in a packet of Haribo?

depending upon size of packet, but your looking around 2-400 on average

How many cigarretts are in a pack?

There are usually 20 - 25 cigarettes in the average cigarette packet.

How many calories in a average mug of hot chocolate?

I checked the packet, it's 410.

How many raspberries in 1 packet on average?

Obviously,....................36,of course.Anyone would know that!

How many MM's are in a packet?

there is many kinds of packet of m&ms. there is many kinds of packet of m&ms.

How many flavors of crisps are there?


How many grams is in a packet of salt?

That totally depends on the size of the packet.Average individual serving packets are .5grams: Link may expire, google single serving salt packet (individual, single serving).

How many packets of walkers crisps are sold each day?

cant count all the crisps that sold each day as theres to many

How many syllables are in the word crisp?

The word crisp has only one syllable.