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On average how much does thick curly hair grow in a month?

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How can you french braid short thick curly hair?

First, you should let your hair grow longer. :D

How many inches does your hair grow each year?

It depends on your hair type. thick, thin, corse, curly, straight,wavy...and genetics.

What kind of hair do Simmentals have?

Simmental cattle normally have curly short hair in the summer that is not altogether too thick. However in the winter they grow out thick winter coats that vary from wavy to straight.

How fast does the hair of black people grow?

The same rate as for Caucasians and Asians. But as many African-Americans have very thick, dark, curly hair, it may not appear to grow out as quickly.

Can you grow curly hair if you have straight hair?

you CAN NOT grow curly hair if you have strait hair

How fast does curly hair grow in a month?

It depends upon the person and the care lavished upon the hair. My hair grows about an inch and a half a month give or take a little.

How long on average will your hair grow in a month?

1 inch.

How do you grow your hair very long and thick?

To start off you want to just let your hair grow. Get it cut once month or every other month. Let you hair air dry, and do not straighten. You can use volumizing shampoo to make it thick. ( You can look up hair mixtures as well...) If you do all this, and let your hair grow for 2 years without ever getting more than an inch cut off every month/ every other month, then you will have your wish of long and thick hair.

Do the ermine weasels grow thick fur?

no they do not grow thick fur

Translation of thick grow rush leaves?

thick grow the rush leaves

How fast does human nails grow?

They say on average, about an eight of an inch a month.

Why grow curly hair?

Because you are born with it.

How do you grow curly hair?

You can't "grow" curly hair unless you were born with it. If your hair isn't naturally curly, you can get a perm at a salon, or go to a beauty supply store and buy curlers and perm solution to do it yourself.

How long does brunette hair grow in a month?

All hair grows one half of an inch each month on average.== == == ==

What determines straight or curly hair?

the hair follicle is bent, making the hair grow out of the follicle curly

How fast does the hair on your head grow every month?

On the average, hair grows at the rate of one half inch per month.

What food can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

none your hair grows how it is supposed to grow on average about a half an inch a month

Can you grow long emo hair if you have short curly hair?

sure, grow it out and straighten it.

If you cut off all your hair does it go curly?

apperently if your a girl and you shave it off it will grow back curly

What is the chemistry behind curly hairs?

Curly hairs are du to the shape of its follicle (little hole where the hair grow)

Average weight for 4 month old beagle?

The average weight for a four month old beagle is around 7 pounds. This breed of dog tends to grow very fast.

How long does your hair grow every month?

every type of hair is different but the average human ca grow up to half an inch

Do pubic hair ever grow straight?

no they are naturally curly (:

How can you grow curly hair?

You can't really grow curly hair as this is a genetic attribute. You can "curl" your hair or make it wavy by plaiting it whilst its damp or sleeping with it when it's plaited or braided.

How much pubes should a 13 year old girl have?

Well if you add up to the average, you grow a few thick, kinda dark centimeters, at least one or two centimeters and a bit curly, but then again all girls are different, some girls by this age don't even have pubic hair yet!