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It means do not iron! Maybe that material can't be heated, does it say to not put in dryer??? It means do not iron! Maybe that material can't be heated, does it say to not put in dryer???

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Q: On clothes what does it mean when it says 'do not iron'?
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Why was iron clothes invented?

If you mean a suit of armor, it was invented to protect the wearer from enemy weapons. If you mean the clothes iron, it was invented to smooth out wrinkles after the clothes were washed.

When was Clothes iron created?

Clothes iron was created in 1882.

What did they use to iron the clothes?

An iron.

What does it mean when a guy says you wear less clothes?

please help me out answering this

What does the guy mean when he takes his clothes of and says rub and touch you?

it means he wants to *** you

Why was the clothes iron invented?

to get the wrinkles out of your clothes

Why should you iron your clothes?

You should iron your clothes because there would be wrinkles and creases after you wash your clothes. After you iron your clothes by using an iron whether it is dry or steam, you can get rid of wrinkles and creases. You can use tips shared here to use any iron as per your requirement.

What do you use iron for?

you use iron for ironing your clothes,

How do you get iron out of clothes?

Its called iron out specially for clothes, look in the laundry soap isle it should be there, Walmart....

What is 'plancha' when translated from Spanish to English?

As a noun - Iron (as in a clothes iron) As a verb - to iron (clothes or material) It is also a hot plate that is cooked upon.

Why does an iron dribble water when I am ironing my clothes?

get a new iron.

Why wet clothes dry up when iron?

The extreme heat from the iron heats up the water in the clothes to the point where the water just begins to evaporate from the clothes