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Either make up a paint-program with font you like, or you can use the following commands before your sentences to emphasize things.



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Q: On foopets how do you change the color of your text in the about me section?
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How do you change the font size and color of the paragraph you just made in word?

Highlight the paragraph, then edit the font - usually this is located in the "home" section of Word 07 - also, in the same section, there will be colour (text colour and highlight colour), choose change text colour and it should change for you.

How do you change the font color when creating a link?

Insert between the <head> and </head> section on your page <style type="text/css"> a { color: #FF0000; } </style> This example will change the link colour to red

How do you change the colors of the letters on a computer?

To change the colours of typed text you need to find the Fonts section of the software you are using which will usually have an option to change the colors.For example: Using TextEdit on a Mac you select the text you want to change. From the Format menu select Font and then Show Colors. Select the color you want to use.

Why cant you change colour of the text in gmail chat?

You can change color of text in gmail. Go to settings in the upper right corner. Select Labs and select Default Color styling to change color.

What style attribute will change the color of the text of a tag?

The attribute color :)

How do you set the text color in Photoshop?

One can change the font or text color in Photoshop by first clicking the Text tool button. Then when the Text toolbar appears, click the color palette button and select the color wanted.

In gaia how do you change text color?

wwhat do you mean change text color you should go ask sol he already knowws about all that useless stuff

How do you change the color of credit text on Windows Movie Maker?

To change the credit text color in Windows Movie Maker:> Once you've got your credit text placed, click on change the text font and color> Click the 'A' button below the word Color> A color menu appears. Choose a color, then click Ok.

Can you change the Facebook chat text color?

hi dear

How do you change the color of the texts in tinychat?

Type /color, hit enter, and your text will change to a different color, that which is displayed in the chat box, stating "This is your new chat color."

How do you type highlights?

Go to font color or press f1 to change the color to highlight the text

In WeeWorld how do you change the text color?

You cannot change the text colour on WeeWorld because it already has it's own different text set. Sorry that I wasn't heaps of help. I REALLY wish you could change the text and all.