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page 211

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Q: On what page of the book 'Enders Game' did Ender kill Bonzo?
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What is the theme of the book enders game?

The theme of the book Ender's Game is Everybody lies.

Enders game who does peter like?

In the book Peter likes Valentine. The book is called Ender's Game.

What was Mazers and Enders relationship like in enders game?

Mazer is Enders teacher during enders game. he trained him to beat the formics. [SPOILER] he made ender think that he was testing him with games when ender was actually fighting in the war. They first met on Eros, the asteriod where Command School was held. In the book Ender In Exile they are companions who are close during the begining of the book before Ender leaves for Colony 1 (later named Shakespeare

Why must enders parent let him go from the book Ender's Game?

Because of the tension in the house

What is a connection between the book Enders Game and Hitler?

no connection between ender's game and hitler..... i hope this help ':)

Enders Game. What warning does Petra give ender is he surprised?

Petra told him that Bonzo is going to fight with him and he is not that surprising, maybe just a bit but he knew it. - I just remeber a little becasue it so long , i had been reading that book 5 years ago.

Enders gane what are peters dreams visions and philosophies?

Peters visions and philosophies are about fighting. This is in he book Ender's Game.

What did the book Ender's Game first originate as?

The novelette called Enders Game. This can be read in various online sources or in Orson Scott Cards book called First Meetings

What are buggers in the book enders game?

The buggers in the book Ender's Game are the aliens that are attacking Earth, they have attacked Earth 2 times before, and now, the humans are attacking the Buggers.

How old is bean from enders game?

Bean, as mentioned in ENDER'S SHADOW, was about seven when he went into Dragon Army and fought in the Third Invasion. To check my answer, and also because it is a genuinely good book, read ENDER'S SHADOW.

Is Enders game good?

Ender's Game is definitely a good book, but it has a few negatives: it has some inappropriate elements in it and several bad words. Another thing is that about half of the book is Graff and Ender, or some other people, talking about the war, which I found a little long and boring. But it is a good book. Very well written and it has a good storyline.

What is you favorite book?

Enders game