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In which city River Thames situated?

London, United Kingdom.

Is London situated on a river's estuary name the river?

London is the capital city of England. It is on the River Thames, but not on the river's estuary.

What river is the British capital situated on?

London is situated on the River Thames (pronounced 'temz'.

River on which London is situated?

River Thames.

On which river is London situated in?

the thames

London is situated near which river?


London is situated on her estuary?

The River Thames

On what river is the city of Melbourne situated?

Melbourne is situated on the estuary of the Yarra River

On which river is the French city of Caen situated?

Caen is situated on the Orne River.

London is situated on which estuary?

London is on the River Thames but not quite at its estuary.

Which large city is situated on the Rhone River?

The Rhone River is a popular cruising destination. The largest city which is situated on the Rhone River is the French city of Lyon.

Is erith a city in England?

Erith is a town which is situated on the Kent side of the river Thames on the southeastern outskirts of London.

On what river is Little Rock situated?

The city of Little Rock is situated on the Arkansas River.

On what river is the city of cork situated?

The city is built on the River Lee

On what river is the city of Hobart situated?

The Derwent River

Londonderry city is situated on which river?

The River Foyle.

On which river bank is the city of lucknow situated?

The city of Lucknow is situated in the middle of the Gangetic plain.

Where is East London situated?

East London is a city in South Africa.

NewYork city is situated on the bank of which river?

The Hudson River

How far is the river thames from the UK?

the river thames is situated in the UK in central London

Is the Leeds university situated in London?

No, LU is situated in Western Yorkshire in the city of Leeds.

Where city university London is situated in London?

Not many people know, but there are 19 Universities of London in London.

Which city is situated on the Rhône river?


Is moscow situated on a river?

The Moskva river goes trough the city.

London is situated on the bank of which river?

the thames, obviously lol hehe

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