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You either have a small amount of brake fluid leaking from the wheel cylinders. A axel seal that is leaking gear oil into the drums. And a large amount of brake dust can cause it too. It only takes a DROP of fluid are gear oil to lock the brakes up, and then it cleans it off the shoes and drums. Then it will not act up again until it set's awhile. A cheap set of brake shoes will lock the brakes up the same way. Hope this helps you.

You brakes are no longer any good. Either that or there is a little man in there trying to get out.

No. Hydraulic brakes can be either drum or disc brakes, and these two brake types are available as air brakes and air-over-hydraulic systems, as well.

First I'm not at all certain what you mean by "mountain bike brakes", could mean either discs or v-brakes. Either way I'm not sure that either the frame or fork on a BMX would have the fittings required to take MTB brakes in place.

It could have either drum brakes or disc brakes on the rear according to motorcraft . com

you either need to bleed your brakes, add fluid or get a master cylinder

It either has Front disc and rear drum brakes; or four wheel disc brakes. Both were available, depending on model. Anti-lock brakes were also an available option.

you either need a new brake master cylinder or your brakes need to be bled

Your brakes are either wet from the rain that has gathered within your wheels, or you need new brakes!

Either the rotors have deposits, or the ABS is kicking in. Either is evidence of aggressive braking.

You would say either "today" or "this morning"

school starts either at 8 or 8:45 in the morning.

yes there are..they will be either standard or anti lock brakes.It depends on what kind of brakes are on the front of your car.

Not everyone gets morning sickness. If you do, it's not necessarily in the morning, either. (I had morning sickness with one child, but not the other. Both are boys.)

On an air brake system, the brake chamber is what actuates the air brakes... it converts air pressure to mechanical force, either turning an S-cam (on foundation brakes), or actuating a caliper (on disc brakes).

Alot of people say brakes are for fakes, but they are nice to have every once and a while. I would probably be dead 5 times over if i didn't use brakes, it depends what you are doing either street or dirt tracks. It is better to have brakes on street.

It's either your morning glory is dead or there is a certain time or place it's in. They open in the morning and close at night.

Either your brakes are sticking or they are adjusted to much.

Venus is either the morning star or the evening star, depending on its position in its orbit.

Depending on where it is in its orbit, Venus could be either the morning star or the evening star.

When either discs or shoes are getting worn close to the metal backing. Usually rear brakes last 3-4 years of regular driving.

Either your really hard on brakes, brakes need adjustment or your calipers are faulty.

Morning sickness. Either your sick, got bad gas in the morning, or......your pregnant. Go see a doctor!!

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes.

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