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On your 93 acura integra radiator fan wont turn on and one hose is cold and the other one is hot?


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Replace your thermostat.

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getting the engine worked on and put in a cold air intake

You need to replace the shifter switch (parts and labor cost me $150) -- I finally just had this fixed on my 1992 Integra, and am very happy to be done with this annoyance!

Check your relay which is under the instrumental panel on the left. When you are seating down on the driver seat, it will be above your left leg. Look for cold solder and re-solder it.

Do it when the car is cold if the radiator is hot fluid may be forced out when you take off the cap.

You do not have one. Disconect the lower radiator hose. (after cold)

Remove the radiator cap ONLY when the engine is cold.

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : With the engine cold the radiator should be filled to the seat for the radiator cap and the engine coolant reservoir should be filled to the cold mark

Rubber suspension components contract in lower temperatures and become less pliable--the noise is most likely from the spring hat and/or swaybar bushing. Douse both with silicon spray.

A radiator is defective if fluids are leaking out of the radiator or there is a leak of steam. Or, if thecore is blocked, the radiator will remain cold or just slightly warm in places.

Over-obvious answer? Your radiator, or one of your radiator hoses, leaks - badly.

No. Let it cool down before you open the radiator cap and then put water in the radiator

Depends on which cold air intake you install. Some years back, SCC did dyno testing with a wide range of aftermarket short-ram/cold-air intakes. I believe the highest horsepower gains were attained with Injen and AEM. During the warmer months, an advantage of using a cold air intake is to prevent horsepower loss from elevated engine bay temperatures.

a radiator collects cold air and heats it to hot air which comes out.

My heater doesn't go cold. But to answer your question, check the engine coolant level in the radiator. Be sure that the engine is cold before removing the radiator cap. --Ken

there should be a pitcock on bottom of radiator to drain it. or take the bottom radiator hose with motor cold of course .

When the engine is cold it should be up to the cold fill mark

If ur bottom radiator hase is COLD after the car has warmed up or normal driving temp then it is stuck closed and needs to be placed. They should both be HOT and at or near the same temp.

To the overflow tank and if the radiator has a cap,you will need to fill it with the engine cold.

The fuel pump relay assembly is notorious for not working when the weather gets hot. This is especially true when it is hot and sunny, which increases the temperature inside the car. This affects the relay as it is found in the dash. The relay is sometimes referred to as the "main" relay.

When a car is hot, keep the car running and add water to the radiator. When a car is cold, you can simply put the water into the radiator.

Check Spark Plugs, make sure you have Reg spark plugs and not cold plugs.....Could be that if you are using 5w30 oil you may have to switch to 10w30 oil during cold season...Thats the only 2 things i can think of

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