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They have better resolution so the image they produce is more detailed and they can also be used to see internal details of cells. However the whole apparatus needs to be used in a vacuum so living organisms can't be observed.

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Q: One advantage of elcectron microscopes over light microscopes is their?
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One advantage of electron microscopes over light microscopes is their?

Higher Magnification

What do electrons microscopes use to focus and magnify an image?

Electromagnets focus the electron beam on the specimen. This is a good advantage of electron microscopes over traditional light microscopes where lenses have to be used. Electromagnets can be used as electrons are charged particles and are deflected by magnetic fields.

What major advantage does a transmission electron microscope have over a compound light microscope?

The Compund light microscope allows people to view living cells. With the electron light microscope peole can only view dead cells but with very high detail. The electron microscope is also much more expensive than a compound ligh microscope. The compound light microscope is also much easier to transport from place to place, as the electron microscope is not.

What scientist made over 500 simple microscopes?

The person who made over 500 microscopes was Anton van Leeuwenhoek.

What microscopes can enlarge images up to 100000 times or more?

An electron microscope can enlarge images up to 10,000,000 times (107x).Other types of microscopes that can achieve over 105 magnification include scanning probe microscopes, such as atomic force microscopes, electrostatic force microscopes, magnetic force microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes, and piezo force microscopes.

Would the e14 have an advantage over the traditional light bulb?

E14 Light bulbs have an advantage over traditional light bulbs. They are designed using LED lights. These lights emit more light (making them brighter) and energy efficient capable of reducing your total energy costs when compared to traditional light bulbs.

What is one important advantage an optical microscope has over a more powerful electron microscope?

It is cheaper and used to observe larger objects. Electron microscopes look at much smaller things such as atoms.

What are the advantages of an electron microscope over a light microscope?

An electron microscope can reach a far greater magnifiction than a conventional microscope. It is obvious that the largest advantage of any type of microscope is to observe an organism that can not be seen by the unaided eye. Light microscopes are easy to use, can magnify up to 2000 times, enable magnification of live cells and their movement, and are relatively cheap compared to electron microscopes. The only disadvantage is that it can only magnify up to 1000 times, after that the image is blurry, whereas an electron microscope can magnify up to 100,000 times! However, electron microscopes are extremely expensive, difficult to use, and cannot observe live specimens.

What disadvantages do SEM microscopes have of light?

The two main advantages of SEM over light microscopy is that the SEM has a much deeper depth of field and that it has higher resolution than a light microscope can achieve and the resultant much higher magnification from the SEM.

How have microscopes changed over time?

The have become much more powerful.

An advantage of fluorescence microscopy over staining techniques is that?

fluorescence microscopy can be used wit any light microscope

What is An advantage of a compound light microscope over a single lens microscope?

A compound light microscope is able to provide more clarity and detail than a single lens microscope, which is its advantage. Compound refers to the microscope having more than one lens.