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One cubic foot equals how many square feet?

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Cubic foot is a measure of volume. Square foot is a measure of

area. You can't compare the two quantities because they have

different dimensions.

"In_Theory" id="In_Theory">In Theory

x cubic feet divided by 1 square foot equals 1 foot ( xfff/ff=xf ),

providing the answer:

There are 1 foot square feet in a cubic foot.

x cubic feet is also x square feet times 1 (linear) foot (

xfff=(xff)f ), which doesn't answer the question as phrased, but

expresses the relationship between square and cubic feet in a

different way.

"Theory_Into_Practice" id="Theory_Into_Practice">Theory Into


It is just a matter of semantics to say "a cubic foot does not

equal any number of square feet" if you've been asked for the cubic

footage of a room by an air conditioner installer, and you've

measured off the square footage, but you don't know how to get to

that elusive cubic footage the installer asked for!

Applying the theory above, all you have do is multiply the area

of the floor that you already determined by one more

dimension---the height of the ceiling---and change the unit you

specify for your result from square feet to cubic feet.

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