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catholic immigrant groups

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Q: One group that improved education in the cities by opening private religious schools was?
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What group that improved education in cities by opening private religious schools was?

Catholic immigrant groups

What was one group that that improved education in cities by opening private religious schools?

Catholic immigrant groups

One group that improved education in cities by opening private religious school was?

catholic immigrant groups (apex)

Do french children learn RE?

French children do not learn Religious Education (RE) in the same way as in some other countries. The French education system promotes secularism and does not include formal religious education in public schools. However, private schools, including Catholic schools, may offer religious instruction.

How do you spell religious education in French?

Religious education is "instruction religieuse" or "cathéchisme" (for Catholics). It is not a school subject (except in some private religious schools) but is taught by volunteers outside schools.

How do muslims get their education?

They get their education as all other people of other religions and other cultures: through schooling, either in public, private, home, or religious environments.

What was American Public Education like before Horace Mann?

Education was very poor and the only ways to learn were by reading books and going to a private or religious schools.

What is French for RE?

RE could stand for Religious Education. That would be, éducation religieuse, in French. This class doesn't exist in public schools and is not mandatory in private, religious ones.

What has the author Steven L Jones written?

Steven L. Jones has written: 'Religious schooling in America' -- subject(s): Church schools, Private schools, Religious education

Is education public or private good?

Education can be public. Education can also be private.

Why don't french schools have Assembly's?

The principles of secularism (a view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element) are written in the French fundamental law. For religious schools (which are all private), it is not allowed to make religious education compulsory.

What is the education in Israel?

There are regular public schools, religious (modern-Orthodox) public schools, there are schools which give a Torah-education, and there are private schools (whose orientation depends on who runs them).