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One half of a yard equals how many inches?

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1 yard =36 inches

1/2 yard= 18 inches

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Half a yard equals how many inches?

One yard is equal to 36 inches. Therefore, half a yard is equal to 36 / 2 = 18 inches.

Half yard equals how many feet and how many inches?

3 feet = 1 yard, therefore half a yard would be 1.5 feet or 18 inches.

How many feet does one half yard equal?

1 & 1/2 feet, or 18 inches, equals one half yard.

How many feet and inches are in a yard?

1 yard equals 3 feet equals 36 inches

How many inches in a yard and a half?

One yard and a half = 1.5 x 36 inches = 54 inches.

What is a fraction of a yard?

Any portion of that yard is a fraction of that yard.For instance, one foot is one-third of a yard.Two feet is two thirds of a yard.Eighteen inches equals half of a yard.Twenty seven inches equals three-fourths of a yard.Nine inches equals one-fourth of a yard.

How many inches are in 1 half yard?

1 yard = 36 inches 36/2= 18 There are 18 inches in a half yard.

1and a half yard equals how many inches?

A yard is three feet, and a foot is twelve inches. Multiply twelve by three and you get forty-eight. Half of three is one and a half, so that would be eighteen inches. Add eighteen and forty-eight is sixty-six. One yard is forty-eight inches, and one and a half feet is eighteen inches. Thus, a one and a half yard is sixty-six inches.

How many inches is in four and a half yards?

A yard equals= 3ft so the answer is 12 1/2FT

How many inches is half a yard?

1 yard = 36 inches 1/2 yard = 18 inches

1 yard and 7 inches equals how many inches?

1 yard and 7 inches = 43 inches.

How many inches and 1 yard and 1 foot?

36 inches equals 3 feet equals 1 yard

Three and a half yards equals how many inches?

Since 1 yard = 36 inches, then 3.5 yards = 3.5 x 36 inches = 126 inches

How much is a half a yard?

One and a half feet, or 18 inches.

What does 18 inches equals in yards?

There are three feet in one yard. There are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore one yard is equal to 3 x 12 = 36 inches. Since 18 inches is half of 36, 18 inches is equal to half a yard.

How many half inches are in 1 yard?

36 x 2 = 72 half inches.Note, there are 36 inches to 1 yard.

How many inches is one-fourth of a yard?

9 inches equals one fourth yard.

How many inches are there in 2 in a half yards?

One yard is 36 inches. Half a yard is 18 inches. Two yards is 72 inches plus half a yard (18inches) is 90 inches. Or you could multiply 36 times 2.5.

How many yard12 inches?

12 inches is a foot and 3 feet equals a yard Therefore, 36 inches is a yard

How many inches are in one and a half yards?

Answer. 54 inches(in.)(") There are 36in. in a yard, half of a yard is 18". 36 + 18 = 54

How many inch equal a yard?

One yard equals 36 inches.

How many links in a Yard?

Answer: There are 7.92 inches in a link. 36 inches in a yard divided by 7.92 equals 4.545 links in a yard.

1 yard 4 inches equals to how many inches?

36 inches = 1 yard, so 36+4 = 40 inches

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