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Q: One of the basic ingredients of prose fiction is the use of?
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What are the two basic literary forms?

The novel was based on ancient and medieval romances.

What does 'basic ingredients' mean?

Basic ingredients are the main ingredients you need. For example one of the basic ingredients for a pasta recipe is the pasta itself. Without it, you can't make a pasta dish.

What are the kinds of poems and prose?

Kinds of poems are: odes, paeans, ballads, epigrams, sonnets, cantatas, epitaphs, charades, canzonets, satires, prologues, epilogues, impromptus, acrostics. Prose, one form of literature, is narrative (fiction or non-fiction) in form; short story, articles, journals, biographies, philosophy, history, letters.

Can you mixed Scotch whiskey with Egg Nog?

It is one of the basic ingredients

One ProSe Party when Answer Received?

party has an attorney, the "one ProSe Party" is representing themselves

What ingredient below is NOT one of the basic ingredients in a regular Cosmo an alcoholic drink?

F. Unleaded Gasoline.

What is a nonfiction prose journal?

it depends if is a book of a journal, look on one of the first pages, it should have something like a copyright page or whatever, but it should say something like fiction or non fiction. if it is a journal you write yourself, if you make up a character but base the story on a true event, it is historical non fiction. if it is something that actually happened, it is non fiction.

What is the plural of the word prose?

The word 'prose' is a noun, a word for written or spoken language in its ordinary form; a word for a thing.Examples of nouns that are synonyms for the noun 'prose' are:bookchit-chatcompositionconversationessaylanguageliteraturenovelprattlerhetoricspeechtalk

How many ingredients are in halva?

Depends on the type you want to make. The basic, just plain one, has about 7 ingredients, if you count cinnamon and cloves. Or else just 5.

Can you mix Egg Nog with whiskey?

Whiskey can be one of the basic ingredients

Is poetry fiction or non-fiction?

Poetry can fall into both categories. A poem can either be on an imagined topic of the authour's choice or on objects and happenings that are real, such as nature or life. More often than not though, poetry is simply categorized as poetry and then separated by length, subject or even the rhythm, prose and/or rhyme of the written/spoken piece.

What are non-prose reading?

Non prose is anything that does not tell a story of some kind. Therefore, it could include (but is not limited to) an essay (or any piece of writing that is informative) or a piece of poetry that is only describing one person, object, event or abstract concept.