One who studies rocks and soils?


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the person who studies the science of rocks is known as geologist nd the person who studies the science of soil is known as pedologist

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In general terms, a person who studies rocks and minerals is called a geologist, but a scientist that focuses on soils and processes that affect the earth's surface materials is known as a pediologist.

Rocks form soils due to weathering by wind, sun, rain and ice.

The lithosphere is what compounds rocks and soils. This is a sphere of the earth.The pedosphere is the sphere of the earth that is composed of rocks and soils.The part of the earth that is composed of rocks and soil is called the crust. The crust is the part that supports life.

An igneous petrologist studies igneous rocks.

studies crops and soils and how they interact

W. O. Robinson has written: 'Chemical studies of infertile soils derived from rocks high in magnesium and generally high in chromium and nickel' -- subject(s): Soils, Magnesium content, Analysis, Nickel content

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and earth.

A person to researches rocks is called a geologist.And the one who studies the rocks and crystals within the rock is a mineralogist.

Modification of rocks and soils.

A person who studies rocks is probably a geologist or someone interested in geology, but specifically, the study of rocks and their origins is called petrology, and one who is engaged in petrology is a petrologist.

Geologist studies rocks an fossils.

one who studies the physical history of the earth e.g., rocks

Some one who studies rocks. They are scientist who like earth scientist.

No, only at the Earth's surface. However, one can find fossil soils that are in the rocks.

This mean that rocks over a long period of time becomes. Through processes such as weather rocks are broken down into smaller and smaller peices and (through other processes) become soils.

is houses made of rok or soil

Arthur Gillett McCall has written: 'Field and laboratory studies of soils' -- subject(s): Soils

A geologist studies rocks and the earth.

a geologist studies rocks, but volcanologists study volcanic rocks

Petrologists and mineralogists studies rocks mineral and earth and land forms.

A scientist who studies rocks is a petrologist. Petrology is one of the sub branches of the science known as geology.

It moves by different rocks and soils are carried from the water and is buried under bigger holes and rocks.

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and rock formations. A rock collector or a rock hound is a person who collects rocks for fun.

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