Origin of saying to draw a line in the sand?

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In Naruto
The phrase originates from an instance when a Roman official drew a circle in the sand around Antiochus Epiphanes and demanded he not cross it until giving an answer about acceding to Roman demands. Look up Antiochus at Wikipedia for the full story.
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How long of a line can a pencil draw?

The regular pencil can go 35 miles long if you keep sharpening it. But if you don't it depends how good of quality your pencil is!

What is the origin of drawing?

There is no actual origin of drawing. People simply recorded happenings in prehistoric time as best as they could.

In a perspective drawing what is a horizon line?

A horizon line is commonly a imagined guide line that represents the horizon in the drawing. In it's simplest form it is simply a line that roughly represents the vertical position of the observer with respect to objects in the scene. It's main property is that all parallell lines converge at one un ( Full Answer )

Where did drawing originate?

about 40,000 years ago ... long before recorded history began.. The oldest dated drawings are 32,000 years old, in a cave in what is now Spain.

What is object line in drawing?

it is the arugittybooditty of the fish stick sandwich while a great golden retriever man bear pig is eating the sandwich under cover from fire of the Iraqy army while he is still eating this amazing fish stick sandwich while undercover from the Iraqy army while skating in a skate rink while eating t ( Full Answer )

What is this draw the line at 1.99 that you hear about?

Wow ! This is a great idea to keep gas prices within reason... It is based on the principal of a bundle of sticks !!! you can break one stick easily but put a bunch together & you can not break them. United, we CAN make a big difference. background history: The oil companies have manipulat ( Full Answer )

How long is the line that a pencil can draw?

35 miles! I just tested it with my 6th grade class. We drew a line for 1/8 of a mile and it used 1/8 of the pencil lead. This reasoning means that we would use 1 inch of a pencil for 1 mile. Thus, the average 7inch pencil can draw 7 miles of a line. This does not take into account any variables su ( Full Answer )

Is there a Drawing of the original design?

It truly depends on what 'original design' you are looking for. Most designers will keep their designs privately in a portfolio for only their most exclusive customers. Others you may be able to find online.

How do you draw a line in qbasic?

You need the screen coordinates of the end-points. That's another whole topic. Say the end-points are (A,B) and (C,D). To draw a solid line connecting these points: LINE (A,B) - (C,D)

What is a red-line drawing?

A red-line drawings is essentially an intermediate drawing that shows corrections or changes to a previous drawing. The term red line literally comes from the (typically) red pen used to amend the drawings by hand. These changes mark-ups show changes made to the drawing subject matter during the m ( Full Answer )

How a single line diagram draw?

\n\n A single line diagram is also know as a ladder diagram or an electrical schematic. Electrical schematics are an electricians\nroad map. When troubleshooting electrical faults in control circuitry, upon\nopening the control panels door you are faced with a massive amount of wiring\nthat seems ( Full Answer )

Code in c to draw line?

The best known method for drawing a line is with Bresenham's line algorithm. An example of it in C is as follows, with the helper functions "sgn", which returns the sign of an integer, and "putpixel", which draws a pixel at the specified location: . void line(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2){ . ( Full Answer )

How do you draw a line parallel to a given line?

[A Parallel line is a straight line, opposite to another, that do not intersect or meet.] Ie. Line 1 is Parallel to Line 2. -------------------------------------------------

What is the legend of the line drawn in the sand?

B y March 5, 1836, Col. William Barrett Travis had known for several days that his situation inside the old Spanish mission called the Alamo had become hopeless. Several thousand soldiers under the command of Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had Travis and some 189 other defenders surro ( Full Answer )

Types of lines in engineering drawing?

Each line time is used to show different things. Some of the linesare, Center lines( long- and short-dashed lines.)cutting planelines( thin, medium-dashed lines, or thick long- and doubleshort-dashed) and section lines(thin lines in a pattern).

How do you draw Euler's Line?

to draw a euler line, you must know how to draw the following terms... orthocenter, circumcenter, and centriod of a triangle, once you have drawn the following points, connect them to make a straight line, if they don't form a straight line, try again, and be as accurate as possible :)

How do you draw a time line?

Simply put you draw a line, from left to right, and put in numerical order from the year that happened first to the period of time later

How do you draw parellel lines?

draw one line, then keeping the rule orientated the same way, slide it slightly out from the line, then draw another line. as long as the lines would never cross each other (even if you extended them passed the end of your paper) they are parellel.

What does 'draw a line' mean as an idiom?

It means to try and threaten someone into not doing something, by letting them know they will be attacked or punished if they do. The expression 'crossing the line' comes from the same idea: if you cross the line that someone else has drawn, you're taking the dare and damning the consequences.

How do you draw a dc load line?

we should be take two point from the the graph between collector current and emitter-collector voltage.. along the horizontal line collector current is zero and emitter-collector voltage become Vcc,and along the vertical line emitter-collector voltage is zero and collector current become Vcc/R L th ( Full Answer )

What is a continuous line drawing?

A continuous line drawing is a technique wherein the artist looks only at the subject and draws without lifting the pencil from the paper, and also does not refer to the drawing.

What are base lines on a drawing?

It all depends on your drawing, they all need different sets of base lines, as in anime people need base lines to draw the head, the horizontal line is used for the eyes.

How do you draw a time line to scale?

You can try to use the graph paper, or you can also use your ruler and mark the time. two examples is this: One centimeter is ten minutes, and six centimeters is a minute. One box on the graph paper is a month, and twelve boxes on graph paper is a year. Hope this helps.

Why do you draw a pencil line in chromatography?

This is so you can know the base line. The base line is used as the starting point for the mesaurements used for the R f values. you need to know the distance from the base line to the point of the spot to know the R f values. see related link below for more info about paper chromatography

How do you draw horizontal lines?

if you think of the horizon which goes from left to right then that will help you draw a horizontal line. a ruler is also good for making the line strait line, haha lol

What are the original lines of saying patty cake patty cake?

Pat a cake, pat a cake, bakers man, Bake me a cake as fast as you can Pat it and prick it and mark it with B Put it in the oven for baby and me. Patty cake, patty caker, bakers man Bake me a cake as fast as you can Roll it up, roll it up And throw it in a pan Patty cake, patty cake, b ( Full Answer )

Draw parallel horizontal lines?

Parallel lines are lines that, if extended, would never intersect with eachother. This means that they are going in the same direction, eg. | |, but not | \. Horizontal means that that are going across, eg. ___________________, not |. An example of a lines that are parallel and horizontal: _ ( Full Answer )

Who sings the Christian song with part of the lyrics say Draw the Line?

Draw the Line Disciple (group) from the album: O God Save Us All Another crash, another fall, another failure Another choice I don't want to remember Been here too many times Every day's another fight I'm at war with the person I could be Give me a chance and I'll mess up a good thing But this is w ( Full Answer )

Where are sand originated?

If your asking how is sand created, sand is created by mashed up sea shells, fish parts/excrements, glass, rocks, and other non bio degradable material such as worn plastic, in the case for the plastic sand will wash over it till it is broken up into tiny peices and mixed with the sand.

What is slant line in drawing?

Slant line is a line which is not horizontal or vertical. In drawing they help to form proportional objects.

How do you draw an abiatic line on a graph?

That depends on what you have chosen for the axes. If one of the axes is enthalpy, then an adiabatic line would be a straight line perpendicular to that axis.

What is the original source of all sand?

the original place sand comes from i9s rocks breakingapart. rocks are hard and so is sand buts a rock if you can in aclosed area. pic up one of the peices and look closly you will seelitle grands of sand :)

Line drawing and Tonal drawing?

A line drawing depends upon a line to indicate the contours offorms and features in a drawing. Cartoons and comic book drawingsare good examples of these. They were widely used in books andgazettes (along with etchings) for a couple of centuries, due totheir compatibility with early printing techniq ( Full Answer )

Do you draw lines on the line in A grid?

\n. i can desin clothing . drawing and desining it. i love avril 'shes my enpraiton, she is very special too, she is very smart and gifted. she is tottaly alsum.and sprial.

What did napoleon say at the time of drawing fate line on palm by sword?

A renowned palmist of the time after examining Napoleon's hand told him that he had a missing fate line which doesnt augur well for his his success and would suffer strings of misfortune.Napoleon drew his sword and lacerated his palm creating a well-defined line and retorted"How about now".... He ( Full Answer )

Where did perspective drawing originate?

There are earlier signs of it, but as we know it, perspective originated from Greek and Roman architecture in the renascence because of the straight lines buildings have. An artist and architect, Filippo Brunelleschi, made a series of investigations that gave the foundations of later perspective. Pi ( Full Answer )

How far from the sand to the horizon line?

Lying on fairly flat beach -- eye height 1/2 metre -- horizon 2.5 km Child standing at water edge -- eye height 1 metre -- horizon 3.6 km Adult standing near water edge -- eye height 2 metre -- horizon 5.1 km Low dune at back of beach/lifesavers' tower -- eye height 5 metre -- horizon 8 km All of ( Full Answer )

How do you draw a curve with straight lines?

While a curve is one continuous motion, you can create the illusion of a curve by using straight lines. In order to do this, draw a continuous pattern of short straight lines, while changing the direction of each line slightly.

Why is it important always to draw a line through the origin when you are making a graph?

It isn't. In fact, it's vital that you only do it when it'sappropriate to do so. If a graph goes through the origin, thatmeans the point (0,0) belongs on the line. In many cases it does,but in others it doesn't. Ask yourself what your graph means. Isone variable equal to zero when the other one is? ( Full Answer )