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Some really good diets and supplements are consuming decaf coffee for its antioxidant heart health, COq supplements, and B Complex vitamins.

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Q: Other than Omega-3 what are some good heart health supplements?
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Is it safe to use heart health supplements with a heart condition?

It can be safe to use heart health supplements. Many doctors recommend supplements. The only way to know which ones and what kinds, is to consult with your doctor and find out.

What are the benefits of Omega3 acids in the body?

In order for the body to function properly Omega3 acids must be included in the diet. Research has shown that Omega3 acids in the body helps lower triglycerides and reduce blood pressure, It is also associated with many other health benefits such as protection against heart disease and stroke. Another benefit of Omega 3 is that it reduces inflammation which is a key component in asthma.

Will the heart health supplements hurt us if we start bodybuilding?

Taking supplements while bodybuilding is considered to be dangerous. There are side effects to many supplements. Before taking heart healthy supplements while bodybuilding, you should discuss it will a medical professional.

What are some serious side effects of sports supplements?

Supplements can be a good thing or a bad thing. Read the ingredient list on the product and if they are not familiar make a note and ask a medical professional what it can do. Some supplements just provide the things your body needs. Some supplements have stimulants and other products that if you are not in good health can be quite dangerous. Some have stimulants that if you have heart problems could harm your health. You must be an informed consumer. Just remember the salesman wants to sell product.

What is the purpose of cholesterol supplements?

Cholesterol supplements are designed to lower your cholesterol. Although these cannot replace proper diet and exercise, a few (multivitamins, fiber and fish oil) are proven to improve heart health.

Should bodybuilders take heart health supplements?

You should not take any supplements without checking with your doctor first. Most supplements have not had enough research done on them to make an adequate decision. Your physician should be able to help you figure out whether taking any supplements would benefit you or are necessary.

What bad side effects does workout supplements contain?

Some workout supplements are harmful to your body, and people say that most of them aren't. They can affect the heart, and many other parts of the body.

What types of nutritional supplements are recommended?

I believe health supplements is a generic term. the particular health supplement you are interested in depends on your specific condition. Meaning your may need a supplement to relieve pain, get rid of acne, get relief from menopause, etc. etc, There are various supplements that can be used for maintaining good health. They can consist of natural, herbal or synthetic ingredients. Supplements are used to target general health such as multi-vitamin or antioxidant supplements. They can also be used to target specific health conditions such as heart health, immune support, joint health, digestive aids and more! Supplements, as the name indicates, are not to be used to substitute a good diet. A balanced diet and exercise are always important for good health. Supplements help to make up for any inadequacies in the diet due to lifestyles or improper intake of foods for various reasons. It is important to choose a quality supplement, and one which has been well researched. Physician-formulated supplements are preferable. Try the broad spectrum of choice from New Vitality.

Why should you take the supplement magnesium?

There are a number of reasons for taking magnesium supplements, including the following: muscle aches, fatigue, heart health, better sleep, etc.

where can I buy the best heart health supplements.? gives you a complete list of vitamins and supplements. You can even explore the website further to find foods that are good and foods that are bad. A friend of mine as well used this website during her journey to losing weight. It helped a lot because she no longer has a weak heart.

Is yohimbine extract dangerous to the heart?

Yohimbe supplements can be dangerous for your heart because it can effect your blood pressure and your heart rate. Other side effects include rash, painful urination, tremors, and chest pain.

Do I need a perscription to buy blood pressure supplements?

Their are many non-perscription supplements that you can buy that reduce blood pressure. The K vitamins are important and can directly reduce blood pressure. Fruits like grapes and blueberries also reduce blood pressure. A great website that can help you in deciding which supplements to buy is One of their top recommended heart health supplements is Ultimate BP.