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They both are basically the same size.

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Q: Out of Sicily and Sardinia which one is the biggest island?
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What is the name of the large island that is part of?

The large island near the southern tip of Italy is called Sicily, while the similar-sized one to Italy's west is called Sardinia.

What is the name of a large island that is part of Italy?

The large island near the southern tip of Italy is called Sicily, while the similar-sized one to Italy's west is called Sardinia.

The island west of Italy?

Sardinia (but in Italy is Sardegna) Fist island is sardinia and the second one is corsica

What is the island name close to Italy?

There are more than one. Sicily is just across from the toe of the boot. Sardinia is about halfway up the leg, and Corsica is just above that. Capri is a tiny island near to Naples.

Islands between Italy and north Africa?

The islands between Italy and north Africa are Sardinia, Sicily, and I think the third one is Corsica.

What country do each of these islands belong to British isles Corsica Iceland Sardinia and Sicily?

The British Isles is just a geographical term. The islands in it do not belong to any one country. There are a number of countries in it, most notably Ireland and also the United Kingdom. Iceland is an independent country. Corsica belongs to France. Sardinia and Sicily belong to Italy.

What are the bordering nations of Italy?

Italy is one of the beautiful country in Europe, it's capital is Rome. It has 116,306 square mile area (Sicily and Sardinia Island included) with more than 57 million population. France, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland are the nations that bordered the Italy.

Island south of Italy?

The island right at the bottom of Italy's 'heel or boot' is Sicily. Sicily was known as the best trading area back then when there was a war between who would own that land. If you're not talking about that one there is a tiny island called Malta.

Is it true that the Minoan Culture thrived in the Sicily island?

yes it was i remember reading it on this one paper

Which is the biggest island of Samoa?

Savai'i which is also one of the biggest islands in the polynesia

What is the largest island of Italy?

With it's area covering 9,927 sq mi and a population of around 5,043,480, Sicily is currently the largest island in all of Italy. Sicily is also one of the most densely populated in the Mediterranean Sea.

Difference in time zone between London and sardinia?

Sardinia is one hour ahead

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