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Q: Outline the advantage and disadvantage of different filling methods?
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What are the advantages or disadvantage of docket system in a pharmacy?

An advantage of the docket system, in a pharmacy, is the orderly filling of prescriptions. A disadvantage is the waiting time for some customers.

What are advantages of geographical filing system?

Geographical filing systems help organize documents based on geographic location, making it easier to locate information specific to a certain area. It can improve efficiency in businesses with multiple locations, enhance accessibility to relevant documents for local teams, and provide a clear visual representation of data distribution across regions.

What is an explanation of different area filling techniques?

different area filling techniqes in computer graphics are boundary filling and flood filling. By using both techniques we can fill the whole area by shan

What is advantage the of eating fiber in school?

fibre is filling , and got vitamins , healthy food

How do you use the word filling in a sentence?

That breakfast was very filling. Or you can say Can you pass me the cupcake filling? There are many different ways to use filling in a sentence. :)

Is cake filling the same as frosting?

No, Cake filling goes in the middle and frosting goes on top.

What is the advantage of using variable length inlet manifolds?

Maximizes torque/power out of the engine by increasing cylinder filling (volumetric efficiency).

Coumputer graphics explain different area filling technique?

different area filling techniqes in computer graphics are boundary filling and flood filling. By using both techniques we can fill the whole area.

What filling goes best with marble cake?

Most marble cakes are a combination of chocolate and yellow (vanilla) cake. So the best type of filling would most likely be either a chocolate or a vanilla filling, depending on your preference. A coconut creme flavored filling would work well in this kind, too. But if the cake is something different, such as yellow cake with a cinnamon marble swirl, you can make a cinnamon filling, or even a caramel filling.

What is a iron filling?

Iron filling is a filling which can be made by iron filling

Which action represents a president full filling the basic outline of executive power as described in the constitution?

giving a state of the union adress.

What is a substitute for cornflour in an African milk tart?

There is no good substitute for cornflour - any substitution will significantly alter the texture of the tart filling. Cornflour is used to set the filling smoothly - you could add a couple of egg yolks to the filling as a replacement. But the result will be different. Plain flour will not give a pleasant result as a substitute - the filling will taste floury.