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check coolant check for leaks.......radiator cap must be free of rust and tight....plugged radiator, heater core. change the thermostat its probably stuck shut


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I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 and it has a counter-clockwise rotation; or a left turn rotation.

The cowl, is the area the wipers are in.

It is a 50 EGR Valve. You can use it for '93-'97 Dodge Dakota, Ram 1500, 2500, or Jeep.

I own a 97 dodge ram 1500. My Haynes book says the code P0720 Output speed sensor is malfunctioning. My educated guess is it has to do with the cruise control. I will research further.

It is in the fuel tank, part of the fuel pump module.

The 1500 has a Dana 44 The 2500 and 3500 has a Dana 60

You fail to list which model Ram. The Ram 1500 Original Equipment Size: 225/75-16

the bolt holes are the same, but electrical connecters are differant

A 97 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 engine will have no spark if the ignition coil is defective or it is not receiving enough power. This will prevent the engine from starting or running. Other causes include cam and crank sensors, pcm, bad coil wire,

It will bolt up, but it will not shift. The 1995 is hydraulic controlled. The 1997 is electronically controlled.

yes you can run 35inch tire as long as you put them on an 8inch rim. i have that size on my 1999 dodge ram 1500 4 door.

one at the front of the cat and one after the cat

The distributor is set to 0 deg with a scan tool. It can not be done with a timing light.

There are two. The upstream is screwed into the front of the catalytic converter. The downstream is in the pipe after the catalytic converter.

Because you have a backed up header or something why the truck can breath.

No such part on a 1997 Ram.

i asked my husband this. lol he has a '99 dodge ram 1500-- he said he knows for sure that there is one in under the hood, and is pretty sure there is one in the cab too :) hope this helps.

The Dakota will get better millage, it's a way smaller truck. depends on the size of the motor.

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