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Either your pregnant or your ovultin

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Q: Ovulation predictor with two lines what does it mean?
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What does two lines on the ovulation kit for several days mean?

This means you have high LH levels which means you are Ovulating. The Ovulation window lasts for 3 days. A Ovulation test will be positive for 3 days.

What does two white lines mean on the road?

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What do two blue lines on a pregnancy test mean?

two lines mean pregnant !

You are doing an ovulation test you have 2 lines after 7 days from your last day from your period but it still 2 lines for 4 days what's that mean are you pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. You will almost always get two blue lines on an ovulation test. The line closest to the arrow is the Surge indicator, when it reaches a darker blue than the other line ( one furthest from the wick) it means you are at your most fertile for the next two days. Good Luck

I spotted the first three days of my period and then it was heavy the next two days how do you know if ovulated This was my first time off the pill in 12 years and I am 31.?

You will only know if you ovulated by purchasing a ovulation predictor test from your Pharmacist. Your period is not caused by ovulation but by the reduction in the amount of BCP in your system.

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You got two lines on your ovulation test what does this mean?

it means the same for pregnancy. Your ovulating so get ready to get busy with your partner. 2 lines for pregnancy meaning your with child but here it means you can bring your partners army men around for some partying. Have fun!

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