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Q: PST results from Sindh University Testing Center?
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When was University of Sindh created?

University of Sindh was created in 1947.

Which is the best engineering university in Sindh?

1. Mehran University of Engineering and Science (MUET) Jamshoro Sindh 2. NED Engineering University Karachi Sindh

What is the motto of University of Sindh?

The motto of University of Sindh is 'Seek knowledge from cradle to grave'.

When was Sindh Agriculture University created?

Sindh Agriculture University was created on 1977-03-01.

Result Bcom 2 university of sindh jamshoro?

Result Bcom 2 university of sindh jamshoro

What is Sindh Agriculture University's motto?

The motto of Sindh Agriculture University is 'Sustainable Agriculture For Food Security'.

Results of hsc part2 from bise sukkur sindh Pakistan?


Hbl what is the code of sindh university branch of hbl?


Who was the first vice chancellor of university of sindh?

Allama I.I Kazi

What is Hbl bank identifier code for sindh university branch jamshoro?


What is the full meaning of S.A.U?

Scottish Artists Union Southern Arkansas University South Asian University Sindh Agriculture University and more.....

Is there any university offering software engineering as a bachelor degree if yes what is the name of that university?

Yes in sindh,"shah abdul latif university khairpur