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Pain in your upper leg?

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As described in the discussion area, and from personal experience, this could be a pinched nerve at L4 or L5. Of course, a physician would need to diagnose such. The only treatment that has helped me has been injections of steroids along my spine at a pain clinic.

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Cause of groin and leg pain?

slipped over fell on knee now have pain in upper leg and roin

How far down the leg do the sciatica nerve go?

the pain is upper leg near the groin

What is a burning pain on left upper leg near groin?

possibly inguinal hernia

What is lower leg and upper leg?

upper leg- thigh lower leg- calf

What is the name for the upper leg?

The upper leg is sometimes called the thigh. The bone of the upper leg is the femur.

hip bone pain going down to top part of legs?

what does it mean when hip bone pain runs down to upper part of leg

How many bones are in the human upper leg?

how many bones have in your upper leg

Is the femur the upper leg bone?

Yes.The femur is the upper leg bone.

Pain right below waistline in the back?

Pretty unspecific question but, if you have pain in your very low back/upper buttock that radiates down your leg it could be scatica.

How is the leg pain in Malayalam?

leg pain = kaalu vedana (കാലുവേദന)

What is the medical term for bone in the upper leg?

The bone of the upper leg is called the femur.

Was King Tutankhamun in pain when he broke his leg?

If you broke your leg would YOU be in pain?

What is the upper leg bone called?

The bones that make up the upper leg, is called the Femur

Where are the quads located in the leg?

there are 4 muscles in the quadricep and they are located on upper front part of the leg....hamstring in back upper leg

You have pain in your right butt an your right leg by your calf?

I have a pain in my right butt an my right leg by my calf when i get the pain in my butt my leg hurts at the same time

Is leg pain a symptom of fibromyalgia?

Leg pain is in fact a symptom of fibromyalgia. however, having leg pain does not necessarily mean you have fibromyalgia, it could be a symptom of many leg-related problems.

What is the medical term meaning kneecap and upper leg bone?

Kneecap is patella, upper leg bone is femur, and the term meaning pertaining to the kneecap and upper leg bone is patellofemoral.

What is the muscle where the leg is connected to the upper body called?

The sotonage is the muscle that connects the leg to the upper body!

How do you ease the pain of a broken leg?

There are a few ways to ease the pain of a broken leg. A few ways are prescription pain killers, elevating the leg, and a heat pack.

Can you have pain in leg if you have back pain?


Is there any treatment for nerve pain?

Yes, There is treatment for nerve pain. Depending on where the pain is, The alteration of heat and ice can help with nerve pain. for leg pain the best home treatment is to relax the leg by sitting and elevating the lower leg. If leg pain persist; the evaluation by a trained medical doctor should sought. be sure to read about DVT and restless leg syndrome.

If you have rashes on your upper leg and upper arms?

rash on upper back arms

Early morning pain in hip thigh and leg?

early morning pain thigh and leg

How do you break your leg without pain?

there is no way to break your leg without having a little pain

What causes leg pain and numb leg?


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