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Q: Paragraph on to resist or endure successfully?
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What the meaning of endure?

Endurage is derived from 'to endure', which means 'to hold on, to try to resist'.

What was the only African nation to successfully resist the europeans?


How did the American successfully resist the British monarchy?

i don't know.................srry

How Native Americans successfully resisted removal?

In the end they were unable to resist removal.

Why was epthiopi able to successfully resist European rules?

Refer to that regions website for further details.

How did religion help people endure or resist slavery?

this is from 8Th grade creating America book... Slaves relied on that culture with its strong religious convictions, close personal bonds, and abundance of music to help them endure the harsh punishment on the Plantation Life.

How do you endure temptation?

It depends on the temptation. You can indulge yourself in some things. Others you should know you must resist. If you know it is wrong then there is no endurance involved, doing the right thing is its own reward

Do the Yeerks or the Animorphs win?

The Animorphs ultimately defeat the Yeerks. The Animorphs use their abilities, strategic planning, and determination to successfully resist the Yeerks' invasion of Earth.

Which type of spacecraft is best suited to explore planets that have very different conditions and why?

It would be a spacecraft that can endure or resist extreme temperatures because you have to be prepared to go to a planet that may be extremely cold or hot.

When was Endure created?

Endure was created in 2010.

How did Ethiopia and siam successfully resist European rule?

Ethiopia and Siam successfully resisted European rule by working with the powers. For example Siam was allowed to remain a neutral state because it served as a buffer zone between France and British occupied territory and wasn't allied with either.

What is a sentence using endure?

We must endure this ordeal.