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looking for stock model sb 20 gauge

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Q: Parts for shotgun model sb from Brazil?
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Where can you find parts for the model sb 12 gauge shotgun made in Brazil?

Gun show, gun shop, pawn shop, want ads

CBC model SB 410 bore shotgun?

The CBC MODEL SB 410 BORE SHOTGUN is made in brazil and imported by firearms import and export Corp. located in Miami, Florida it is a break-action single shot shotgun

How much is shotgun western field model SB-100B worth?


What causes a benelli SB shotgun to not eject shells?

Ammo, parts, dirty

Where can you find a parts diagram for fie model sb shotgun?

In America, we contact the manufacturer directly. They are often willing to share information regarding their products gratis.

What is the value of a Brazilian made shotgun model sb?

150.00 - 200.00 in good condition

What can you tell me about a Western Field Model SB-312 Double Barreled 3 Chamber shotgun?

Your Western Field model SB-312 double barrel shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards(western field) by the savage arms company.The Savage model 540D shotgun is the same shotgun as yours.If you go to the savage web site they may have more info on this model?

What is the value of Western Field 12 gauge shotgun model SB-100-B?

thks what is the value of the western feild shotgun model sb100 what year it was made?

What is the history of Model SB shotgun serial number C1299213?

You must provide the name of the maker.

What is the value of the brasileira model SB 410 shotgun?

Regretfully, it has value only of a utilitarian nature.

History of Model SB shotgun serial number C1299213?

Impossible to identify without knowing who made it.

How old is a 410 shotgun model sb shotgun made in Brazil serial number 903116?

Made by CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos), sold through FIE in Miami (they went out of business in 1990) Manufactured approx 1970-73 Inexpensive shotgun, worth maybe $75 if in good condition....